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Fundraising raffle. HBK Signed WM25 chair up for grabs.

Chris Brooker

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Hello all,

Two of my closest friends were burgled on Friday night. They lost a laptop, their phones and a wallet with a modest but important amount of cash in it. As fellow comic types they're living day to day and contents insurance was beyond them for the time being, not least because the excess was extortionate.

As  a result I'm raffling off the chair I brought back from WrestleMania 25 in Houston. As a bonus I managed to get it signed by Shawn Michaels backstage at the Comedy Store in Manchester after his tour show there two years ago.




For ever fiver you donate you get an entry into the raffle. Every penny raised goes to Ben & Rebecca, two awesome folk that have helped me out through some dark times. Anyone that's ever come to an Eros Comedy show and enjoyed it owes these guys a dept of gratitude. Without them there'd have been no Mick Foley, DDP, Roddy Piper or William Regal shows.

I'm aiming for £500 to replace their gear. If we overshoot I can give them a bit extra for something nice as well. 

Please enter if you can and share it if not. Link is here.

Thank you.


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