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Wrestling t-shirts for sale. WWF, ECW, Dragon Gate, NOAH, CZW original

Kaz Hayashi

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Hi all,


I'm selling a selection of wrestling t-shirst. All of which were bought from live and official events, apart from the HHH vest which was bought from the WWF/WWE online store.


Bear in mind these have been worn and are nearly 20 years old in some cases. However, all are still very wearable, only one or two have minimal markings and this is pointed out.

All (except HHH vest) are £6 each plus recorded delivery postage, or 3 for £15 plus recorded delivery postage.

Recorded postage is £3.60 regardless of how many you buy.

Paypal payments only, and PM me on here if you wish to make on order. I'll keep this active on here for a couple of weeks before adding to eBay.




Dragon Gate USA - XL (USA SIZE)




Terry Funk - XL (USA SIZE)



NOAH - M-L (Please note, the back of the shirt is not faded and is as bright as the front, bad photo)



ECW - XL (USA SIZE, bought from Rob Van Dam at a show, slight markings visible in photo)




Dragon Gate USA shoulder pattern - XL (USA SIZE, slight markings on sleeve visible in photo)



Dragon Gate UK Tour - XXL



CZW BLK OUT - XL (USA, bought from Sabian/BLK Jeez at a show)




Kings of Wrestling flexi cap (Cesaro/Hero, bought from them both at a show)




HHH vest - XL (bought from WWF/WWE online store) I want £10 for this, or it can be added to a deal (3 items for £20).


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