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WANTED: ECW shirts. with some particular requests

FWA Goon

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I have a load of ECW shirts already but I am looking for a few to complete the collection.


Looking for a sandman ecw shirt. Either the early design or the blood sweat and beers one.

Also interested Raven t-shirt.


Also Hard Core Cafe shirt and this design.




Will consider other ones too. I am looking for sizes M or L ideally. 


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Tried to pm you, but that wasn't possible. I've got a couple from the original ECW, which I picked up new around 2001/02. Never been worn & they're Medium & Large respectively. The 1st is the Extreme Championship Wrestling shirt, black with the barbed wire logo on the front in white / red, with Join The Revolution!!! on the reverse - (NOW SOLD) -. The other is a Sabu 'Nuff Said' shirt. Not specifically what you're after, but they're available if interested.

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