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Wrestling Sticker Album


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Happy to announce our British Wrestling Collector’s Sticker Album which will be released on 28th March 2016. The sticker album will be in A4 format, 48 pages, full colour, the album will be glossy from cover to cover and throughout. The album and subsequent stickers will feature some of the most notable names to wrestle in Britain and will include the current crop of British wrestling talent. We are also in talks with a few promotions to highlight their companies throughout the album. 

British Wrestling Collector's Sticker Album £5.00
1 x Pack of stickers (8 stickers in a pack) 75p

If you preorder by February then you will receive £1 off the price. You can preorder more packs of stickers in our dropdown option. This doesn't include P+P charges which vary pending on your location. The item is shipped worldwide.


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