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Alpha Omega Wrestling presents Revelation, Oct 11, Morecambe

Victor Is God

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After the events of Vendetta, PAID Promotions is dead and Alpha Omega Wrestling now runs wrestling shows in Morecambe.


After a year-long power struggle, Stixx and Joey Hayes beat Johnny Phere and Craig Kollins at Vendetta. Victory allowed Alpha Omega Wrestling to take over as promoters.


And now Greg Lambert no longer controls Morecambe wrestling, the match he said would never happen, the match he didn't want to see, will MAIN EVENT the first Alpha Omega Wrestling show REVELATION on Sunday, October 11 at the Winter Gardens in Morecambe.




These two can't stand each other and will beat the hell out of each other. Former champions collide in what's bound to be one of the most intense, hard hitting and dramatic bouts to hit Morecambe in years as 'The Psychotic Warrior' goes one on one with the man he trained, 'The One Man Riot'.


Check out these videos. First, Phere and Kollins set the scene for their brutal war.



Johnny Phere talks about the Revelation main event.



Craig Kollins replies with a message for Johnny Phere.





Four men who are bang in form will face off in a four-way where for the winner, a title shot will surely be forthcoming. The self-styled 'Leader' James Drake, who is undefeated since returning to Morecambe as a singles competitor, takes on the incredibly popular RJM who returns to Morecambe after a short tour of China, the man who defeated Bubblegum last time out '100% Welsh Beef' Dylan Roberts, and the notorious Chris Ridgeway who defeated, unmasked and ended the storied Morecambe career of El Ligero in one of the biggest upsets in British Wrestling this year.


James Drake vs Ricky J McKenzie vs Chris Ridgeway vs Dylan Roberts




For months, the dastardly duo of CJ Banks and Bubblegum have belittled the massive Cyanide. And for months, the big man has just stood there and taken the abuse. Now 'The Juice' says he's going to put Cyanide in his place after The Toxic Terror failed to help Bubblegum defeat Dylan Roberts at Vendetta. With the fans clamouring for the monster to finally snap and fight back against the two bullies, will Revelation be the night when Cyanide says enough is enough?


CJ Banks vs Cyanide




Meanwhile Bubblegum also intends to make an example of AOW's young camera operative Ryan Hunter and has challenged him to a match.This comes after The Rascal petulantly and brutally attacked Hunter at ringside twice earlier in the year but then Ryan stood up for himself by interjecting himself into Bubblegum's match with Dylan Roberts at Vendetta. Will Hunter accept the challenge? If he does, he could be in for a painful night.


Bubblegum challenges Ryan Hunter




Joey Hayes will be missing from Revelation due to injuries sustained at Vendetta when Barricade choke slammed him through a merchandise table during the main event. So Joey's best friend Danny Hope is gunning for revenge. But what part will James Drake, who gave Barricade instructions to carry out the attack, play in this match?


Barricade vs Danny Hope




There will be two new championships decided at Revelation. For the first time in Morecambe Wrestling history, tag team and women's titles have been introduced.


Rivals will square off for the vacant Alpha Omega Wrestling tag team championships as the unlikely duo of Big Sexxxy ('Mr Big' Shaun Vasey and Sexy Kev) team up to battle two members of The Referendum (Bobby Roberts and Scott 'The Butcher' Renwick) who will no doubt have the Scottish Superpower's leader Laird Grayson in their corner.


Big Sexxxy vs The Referendum for the vacant Alpha Omega Wrestling tag team titles




And seven of the top female wrestlers in the country will do battle in Morecambe's first ever Gauntlet match for the vacant women's championship. There will be Referendum interest in this one too through the powerful Viper and her Scottish allies Debbie Sharpe and Sammii Jayne, but the fans will no doubt be firmly behind Lana Austin as she aims to finally get one over on the 45% after battling the Scots for almost a year. But there are also debutants such as the weird and twisted 'Living Dead Girl' Felony, and North West up-and-comers Alexa Rose and Jenna Ellison who will be out to make their name by becoming the first ever Women's Champion.


Lana Austin vs Viper vs Jenna Ellison vs Alexa Rose vs Debbie Sharpe vs Sammii Jayne vs Felony in a Gauntlet Match for the vacant Alpha Omega Wrestling women's titles




For 12 years he's been the man in charge of wrestling in Morecambe. For 12 years he's been the most polarising figure on the town's wrestling scene. But now he's longer in control. So Greg 'The Truth' Lambert has been granted the opportunity on October 11, to say farewell...


Greg Lambert says goodbye




And this means there is a new man in charge of making the decisions in Alpha Omega Wrestling. He's not a general manager. He's not a director of operations. He's not even a COO. He's the Alpha Male of Alpha Omega Wrestling...Stallion!


Stallion takes charge






Alpha Omega Wrestling will also unveil its brand new heavyweight championship belt.


Lots of other matches, surprises and new stuff!




It's a brand new era for Morecambe wrestling and it's happening on Sunday, October 11.


Go to the new Alpha Omega Wrestling website at www.aowuk.com for tickets and event details.


Follow Alpha Omega Wrestling on twitter at @aow_uk


See here for photos from Vendetta and for an explanation of why there is a new company running shows in Morecambe. https://ukff.com/top...mega-august-15/

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Tonight Alpha Omega Wrestling had a Revelation!


We welcomed Matt Taylor Richards as our new ring announcer and Stallion as the new Alpha Male of AOW.


And full results of the show at the Winter Gardens were:


Big Sexxxy (Mr Big Shaun Vasey and Sexy Kev) scored a stunning upset over The Referendum (Bobby Roberts and Scott Renwick) to win the first ever AOW Tag Team Championship match.


After the match The Referendum attacked referee Charles Nelson Riley, burying him under the Scottish flag, then Laird Grayson smashed the helpless referee with chair shots in one of the most disgraceful assaults ever seen in a Morecambe ring. After officials, helped by Sexy Kev and Mr Big, finally restrained Grayson, Stallion announced he was now indefinitely suspended.


Chris Ridgeway defeated Dylan Roberts, RJM and James Drake in a four-way


Viper became the first ever AOW Women's Champion, lastly pinning a brave Lana Austin in a gauntlet match also featuring Alexis Rose, Jenna, Felony, Sammii Jayne and Debbie Sharpe.


Danny Hope pinned Barricade


Stallion offered to award the first ever AOW Championship to Stixx but Stixx turned it down, saying he wanted to win the title in the ring. This brought out Greg 'The Truth' Lambert who after mocking Stixx, announced that he was going to say goodbye to Morecambe Wrestling tonight until he was hired as a manager by his new client 'The Priority' Chris Ridgeway. Lambert said that if Stixx didn't want the title, Ridgeway was the natural choice. Stallion then announced that on December 5 at Fightmare Before Christmas, it would be Stixx v Chris Ridgeway for the vacant AOW Title. Ridgeway then cheap shotted Stixx with a low kick.


CJ Banks pinned Cyanide after ordering the Toxic Terror to lie down for him.


Bubblegum destroyed Ryan Hunter with the Filthy Habit.


After the match, Banks and Bubblegum continued to assault Hunter, and Banks ordered Cyanide to splash the youngster. When Cyanide was reluctant, Banks slapped him. This finally caused the big man to snap and he decked Banks and Bubblegum with a double clothesline, bringing to an end months of abuse at the hands of The Juice and The Rascal.


In the main event, Johnny Phere and Craig Kollins battled to a draw after an incredible dramatic hard-hitting contest. The match ended after Phere came back from a swinging chair shot to suicideplex Kollins and himself through a table. With both men down and not moving for several minutes, referee Rob Sharpe waved the match off.


When Phere eventually recovered, he challenged Kollins to a rematch at Fightmare Before Christmas in a Three Phases of Phere match - two out of three falls where the first fall is Submissions only, the second fall is Falls Count Anywhere and the third fall if required, is Last Man Standing.

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