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PAID Promotions vs Alpha Omega: August 15

Victor Is God

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On Saturday, August 15 2015 at Morecambe's historic Winter Gardens theatre, it's all on the line. The title, the Stixx Streak, the name of the company, the very future of wrestling in Morecambe itself.




'Psychotic Warrior' Johnny Phere and 'One Man Riot' Craig Kollins (representing PAID Promotions)


'Heavyweight House of Pain' Stixx and Joey Hayes (representing Alpha Omega Wrestling)


Wrestling in Morecambe has had many names over the years. First there was the FWA. Then the XWA. Then PAID Promotions. But if Stixx and Joey Hayes beat Johnny Phere and Craig Kollins in the tag team main event at Vendetta on August 15, then there will be a new name in charge of Morecambe wrestling - Alpha Omega Wrestling.


Let's go back to November 2014. Stixx, El Ligero and Dave Mastiff gatecrashed the closing moments of Remember, Remember, as Greg 'The Truth' Lambert's squad The Riot Club were destroying Joey Hayes and Ricky J McKenzie. Stixx then put Lambert on notice...his days of using Morecambe Wrestling as his personal plaything were over. Stixx had formed a group called Alpha Omega aiming to bring about a new beginning for Morecambe and the end of Lambert's reign of terror.


The next month at Fightmare Before Christmas, Stixx made good on his vow to have Lambert ejected from the Winter Gardens. After Stixx, Ligero, Mastiff and RJM defeated PAID Promotions Champion Craig Kollins, T-Bone, CJ Banks and Chris Ridgeway in an eight-man elimination match, the Alpha Omega group seized the egomaniac 'Truth' and dragged him out of the building, before dumping him in a plantpot in the winter chill of Morecambe seafront, much to the delight of the fans.


Lambert now entered a self-imposed exile, refusing to return to Morecambe claiming he feared for his safety, and hasn't been seen in person at the Winter Gardens since the events of Fightmare Before Christmas. But the control freak remained majority shareholder of PAID Promotions. And his man Kollins remained the champion at Love and War in February 2015, when the founder of PAID Promotions - 'The Psychotic Warrior' Johnny Phere - returned after nine months' absence in the closing moments of the Stixx v Kollins main event at Love and War and delivered a Ram Slam to both men, causing a disqualification.


At War on the Shore in April, as more and more wrestlers began to join the Alpha Omega movement, and 'AOW!' chants rang around the Winter Gardens from fans who were buying into the crusade, a furious Kollins called out Phere, and the two men looked set to settle their differences until they were separated by PAID security. Lambert then appeared on the big screen and told his two proteges, two men he'd led individually to the championship in the past, that a match between the two of them would never happen. Phere was then assaulted by The Referendum and cheap shotted by an opportunistic Kollins, who later in the evening scored the biggest victory of his young career when he successfully defended the PAID Championship against Hall of Famer Doug Williams


In June, Stixx returned to Morecambe for one more crack at the PAID Promotions Championship at All Or Nothing. But this time, he had Lambert's hired representative, 'The Local Hero' Joe Hendry to contend with. Hendry, who'd been calling out Stixx for months, announced that 'The Truth' had put him in charge for the night and abused his power to attack Stixx with a chair. Then Hendry helped Chris Ridgeway defeat El Ligero in a Loser Leaves Morecambe match, a massive blow for Alpha Omega. This was an emotional encounter which saw 'The Mexican Sensation' unmasked for the first time in his career, and left him unable to ever wrestle in Morecambe again.






Meanwhile the Kollins-Phere rivalry continued to escalate, as a distraction from 'The One Man Riot' caused Phere to lose by countout to the leader of The Referendum, Laird Grayson. But 'The Psychotic Warrior' turned the tables, arriving in the closing moments of the epic No Holds Barred main event to distract Kollins. Despite Joe Hendry's best efforts, Stixx then blasted Kollins with a Stixx Bomb and became the PAID Promotions Champion, winning the singles heavyweight championship for the first time in 11 years of wrestling in the town, and maintaining his seven-and-a-half year undefeated 'Stixx Streak' into the bargain.






After the match, Stixx made a challenge for one final showdown in the war between Alpha Omega and PAID Promotions. A tag team match at Vendetta, featuring the only four men to hold the PAID Championship. Stixx and Joey Hayes on the Alpha side, and a team of Hendry's choosing to represent PAID. The conniving 'Local Hero' then shocked everyone by announcing that the PAID team would be Craig Kollins and Johnny Phere, two men who clearly despise each other.


The stipulations on August 15 are as follows. If Kollins and Phere win, then Stixx loses his title to whoever scores the winning fall, his Stixx Streak is over, and Alpha Omega must disband. But if Stixx and Joey win, then not only does Stixx retain the title and his streak, but PAID Promotions must disband, and Alpha Omega Wrestling will take over wrestling shows in Morecambe, leaving Greg Lambert with no power.


This is one huge, unmissable, high stakes tag team match. Quite literally, it's The Fight for the Future.




Johnny Phere's thoughts on Vendetta:








Bubblegum assaults cameraman Ryan Hunter:


CJ Banks gives Cyanide to Bubblegum:










The Referendum attacks Smile and Dunne backstage:






Chris Ridgeway's post-All Or Nothing comments:


El Ligero leaves Morecambe for the last time:






Sexy Kev raises cash to hire Mr Big:


PAID PROMOTIONS vs ALPHA OMEGA: VENDETTA, Saturday August 15 2015, Winter Gardens Theatre, Morecambe, Lancashire


Tickets available from www.paidpromotionswrestling.co.uk


In advance: £9 adults, £6 children, £25 family, £15 VIP front row (includes meet and greet with selected wrestlers) £15. 


On the door: £12 adults, £9 children, £36 family, front row not available.


Doors 6pm. Bell time 6.30pm. (Approximate finishing time 9.30pm).


The Winter Gardens theatre is on Marine Road Central, Morecambe, Lancashire. There is a large car park behind the venue and Morecambe train station is just five minutes walk away.


Check out this venue...one of the best in UK Wrestling!








Photos by Tony Knox.


Latest PAID Promotions videos...


Joe Hendry confronts Stallion on The Horse's Mouth:


Follow PAID Promotions on Twitter @PAIDPromotions

Follow Alpha Omega on Twitter @aow_uk

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Results from last night's last ever PAID Promotions show - Vendetta - at Morecambe Winter Gardens

Photos by Tony Knox.


Chris Ridgeway pinned Solar



Viper defeated Nikki Storm, Lana Austin and Toni Storm in a four-way



Bobby Roberts and Lewis Girvan of The Referendum defeated So Scandalous (Ryan Smile and Damian Dunne) when Davey Blaze interfered



Dylan Roberts pinned Bubblegum (with Cyanide) after Bubblegum seized a video camera off ringside cameraman Ryan Hunter to use as a weapon but Ryan grabbed it back



Joe Hendry pinned Danny Hope after Hope answered Hendry's open challenge



Mr Big Shaun Vasey pinned Sexy Kev. After the match The Referendum attacked Vasey but Kev made the save. Vasey and Kev then shook hands.




In the main event, Stixx and Joey Hayes (Team Alpha Omega) defeated Johnny Phere and Craig Kollins (Team PAID Promotions) in a match where Stixx's title, the Stixx Streak and the name of the company were all on the line. Joe Hendry was guest ring announcer, Chris Ridgeway was guest timekeeper and the returning Greg 'The Truth' Lambert was guest referee. Early in the match Lambert completely favoured Phere and Kollins. Barricade then interfered and choke slammed Joey Hayes through a merchandise table. Phere and Kollins dominated Stixx but could not make him quit. Then Phere and Kollins started arguing. Kollins tried to hit Phere with an ASBO elbow but instead knocked Lambert out cold! Ridgeway and Hendry then interfered but were taken out by Stixx and Hayes. Phere then confronted Stixx and yelled "You're not going to kill the company I created....I AM!" He then threw Kollins into position for Stixx to hit the Stixx Bomb, grabbed the fallen Lambert's arm and used it to count the pin.

As a result of the match stipulation, PAID Promotions ceases to exist. The company is now re-named Alpha Omega Wrestling leaving Lambert with no power.






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