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Various Blu-Ray/DVD's for Sale


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Decided to sell off the remain of my wrestling DVD's/Blu-Rays for one reason or another. Mainly due to become more of a casual fan as of late and the majority of things i've seen or I can now view via the network and other on demand sites. These are my initial items, more to be added over next few days.


Fight Club: Pro Resolution 2012

Fight Club: Pro Rise Against 2012


Looking to sell those two together for £15 posted.


PCW Road to Glory 2013 Nights 1 & 2 Blu-Rays (Night 2 Dave Rayne commentary) looking for £18 posted.



WCW Monday Night Nitro 1995 Blu-Ray (VHS rips) 2 Disc set £10 in plastic sleeves.


WWF Smackdown 1999 Blu-Ray (VHS Rips) 3 Disc Set £10 in plastic sleeves.


PM if interested, payments via Paypal.

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