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So this expired last night.


I'll be honest I only got 31 votes in total. I got 46 in Stage One but only 31 in Stage Three and that was after extended it a week (and getting two more votes.....)


Thank you so much to everyone who voted. It really means a lot that you took the time. I will still do my best with the write up's but honestly I'm thinking 2014/15 highlights rather than in depth details of each wrestlers year. My own thoughts and the UKFF's will still be included.


With promotions like ICW, Rev Pro, Preston, Progress and Southside all drawing huge numbers and practically a show every single weekend night, the British wrestling scene is the strongest and healthiest it's ever been. You don't even have to travel up and down the country anymore to see a quality show that isn't afraid to pay more to bring in talent from outside that local area.


I can only hope next year is a better year :)

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