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GPW: "Saved By The Bell", March 27th, Tickets from £8

Mr. Noble

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After probably our busiest, and best start to a year last month, this month we're "Saved By The Bell" with a jam packed, mouth watering card. Tickets selling right now, here's a look behind the card:





Main Event No Time Limit Match:

Jack Gallagher v. CJ Banks


Who is better? Banks? Or, Gallagher? These two have been locked in a rivalry trying to find the answer to that question for nearly 12 months. March 27th, with a No Time Limit stipulation in place, even if we have to stay at The Rose Club all week long - we will find out the answer to who is better! This will be a wrestling clinic every self respecting wrestling fan MUST attend. 






Six Man Tag:

Cyanide & The Bad Lads v. Ashton Smith & The Midnight Bin Collection ©


A six man tag, filled with bad blood! Cyanide, last month turned his back on fans and his former tag partner, Ste Bin Man. Seemingly jealous of Bin Man's success with Jet Fashion as a team, Cyanide destroyed Bin Man, Fashion and Smith at Back With A Bang's main event 8 Man Tag. He joins forces with the team looking to derail the tag champs, The Bad Lads. The undefeated Ashton Smith partners with the hottest act in town at the moment - The Midnight Bin Collection.





Singles Match:

"Super" Sam Bailey v. "One Man Riot" Craig Kollins


Unhappy with a loss on his GPW debut last month, within 24 hours of the loss to CJ Banks, Kollins issued a challenge at Saved By The Bell to anyone so he could prove his worth. The first man to answer the challenge was former GPW British Champion, "Super" Sam Bailey. 


It gives us an exciting, never before seen singles match that is guaranteed to surprise. Will Kollins find the win? Or will Bailey commit him to a second loss in as many months?





Dirk Feelgood Announcement:


The 3-Time GPW Heavyweight Champion is set to take to the stage on March 27th with microphone in hand as he makes a very special announcement. We have no idea what it is! Find out for yourselves, live at Saved By The Bell!





North West Rookie League Tag Match:

Jiggy Walker & Rookie v. Damon Leigh & Rookie


March 27th sees the start of the 2015 North West Rookie League, the rules this year are 6 Tag Team consisting of 1 pro (must be a pro of minimum 5 years) and 1 rookie from the North West schools. The teams will then compete in a Round Robin tournament until a winning team is found.


Two of those pro's will be former GPW Tag Team Champion, Jiggy Walker and former Triple Crown winner, "Deadly" Damon Leigh. Both Walker and Leigh will announce their respective rookies on the show. But we are told that both men are currently working extensively with their rookie.





North West Rookie League Tag Match:

Dylan Roberts & Rookie v. Joey Hayes & Rookie


Two further pro's who have stepped up to the 2015 NWRL are Dylan Roberts and Joey Hayes, these two men crossed paths last month and they'll be no love lost when they meet again as part of this NWRL tag match. Find out which rookies Hayes and Roberts are working with on March 27th!




Singles Match:

Tabu w/ Simon R. Valour v. T-Bone w/ Lana Austin


Simon R. Valour was quick to take issue with T-Bone's inclusion in last months 4-Way No.1 Contenders Match and has requested a singles match where he will march Tabu into battle, one half of his former dominant tag champions.


But where is Rio, Tabu's brother and tag partner? He hasn't been seen since he and Tabu lost the titles in November. Valour hasn't submitted Rio's 2015 wrestling licence, is this the end of the Island Brothers? T-Bone awaits as Tabu's first singles opponent, a formidable opponent for anyone but how will the former tag champ manage without his brother? His task will be made even harder because Bone won't be alone, he'll have the double crossing Lana Austin in his corner. 




Sexy Kev in Action


Sexy Kev returns to action in a GPW. The beloved fan favorite hasn't been seen since he was jilted at the alter but Lana Austin last year, but he's back to his sexiest best at Saved By The Bell!




Tickets to Saved By The Bell are on sale right now at http://www.grandprowrestling.co.uk/shop save money and book online for just £8, on the door price is £9.50. 

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Announced over the weekend on our Twitter and Facebook feeds was Alex Jones-Casey's addition into the North West Rookie League as he joins pro Damon Leigh. 


Politics student and anti violence protester, Alex Jones-Casey and the former Grand Slam Champion, Damon Leigh will work together in this years NWRL and face their first opponents, former GPW Tag Team Champion and roster mainstay, Jiggy Walker and a rookie yet to be announced. 





We will find out who has taken all the NWRL rookie spots this Friday at Saved By The Bell. Tickets are still on sale, buy yours now!

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North West Rookie League:

Dylan Roberts (Pro) & Danxig (Rookie) v. Joey Hayes (Pro) & Soner Dursun (Rookie)


Rookies revealed ahead of Friday's show! 


The 2015 North West Rookie League is beginning to shape up as both Hayes and Roberts reveal their rookies for the tournament. The man known as "The Misery Machine" Danxig joins Dylan Roberts and a young man who has already turned a few heads in British wrestling, Soner Durusn steps through the GPW ropes for the first time to join Joey Hayes to give us a really exciting looking match!


The tournament gets underway properly THIS FRIDAY as one of two tournament matches on the night. Ticket sales are big for this one, don't you dare miss the start of this wonderful tournament showcasing the stars of British wrestling's tomorrow. 

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