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The Tag Rope: Issue #3 (Now available to pre-order)


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So it's come to this, the third issue.


For those who may not have heard of us, my name is Ryan Carse and I'm the editor of The Tag Rope, a quarterly professional wrestling magazine based in the United Kingdom.


What started out originally as an assignment for university has now blossomed into a fully-fledged publication, available in both physical and digital formats across the world.


Issue #2 was launched in late August to an overwhelmingly positive response, and featured articles such as tales from our trip to Wrestlemania 30, a twenty-year celebration of the inaugural Super J Cup event, and an interview with 'The King of Old School' Steve Corino. You can still purchase Issue #2 either physically for just £3, or digitally from as little as £2.


Since the publication of the second issue, we've made it our mission to recruit even better writers, graphic designers and photographers to the team to ensure that we are consistently evolving and improving with each issue. Much like Wrestlemania 3 was the breakthrough for the World Wrestling Federation, we truly believe that this is our breakthrough issue.


Inside Issue #3, you'll find:

  • Your Guide to Wrestle Kingdom 9, a look ahead to the January 4th Tokyo Dome extravaganza, as Dan Brookes tells you why 2015's biggest wrestling event may be happening only four days into the New Year.
  • Barbed Wire Hell, a look back at only the second-ever no ropes barbed wire deathmatch ever to occur on British shores, as CZW owner DJ Hyde battled Britain's own, Jimmy Havoc. We had the opportunity to speak to both men before the war, allowing you a very personal and unique insight into the lives and thoughts of both competitors before a match of this magnitude.¬†
  • Interview with Jeff Jarrett, the man behind Global Force Wrestling, the founder of TNA Wrestling and a 30-year veteran of the sport.We speak to Jarrett about his vision for Global Force Wrestling, his views on the current world of professional wrestling and a look back at his time with TNA Wrestling, as well as so much more. This is an interview that needs to be read.
  • Art or Business, Bill Thompson asks the question in the wake of the continuously controversial Wrestling Observer Hall of Fame.

There's so much more inside Issue #3, that I don't want to ruin it all by listing it here. At only £3, we truly feel like we are offering something completely different than anything else on the market. Response to Issue #2 has been incredibly humbling, and has inspired me to move forward with The Tag Rope and provide the best magazine I possibly can.


In addition to all of this, the first 50 pre-orders will get an exclusive Sting postcard print courtesy of our resident graphic designers, Rainmaker Inc. These are a limited-time only offer of prints that won't be made available again, so get yours whilst you can.


So, take a punt on the alternative professional wrestling magazine for just £3 over at http://thetagrope.bigcartel.com, and if you're feeling generous, please do give us a like over on http://facebook.com/thetagrope, or follow us at http://twitter.com/tagropeblog. Cheers!

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A quick update to let everyone know that copies of the magazine have officially arrived and all pre-orders are now shipped out. Not sure how this will all factor into the holiday postal traffic, but rest assured, your magazines are in transit in first-class, baby. Wheelin' and dealin'.


Furthermore, as a holiday treat for any of you who want to check out the magazine on all your fancy gadgets from Saint Nick, you can check out Issue #3 digitally right now! Just head on over to https://sellfy.com/thetagrope to download your copy in seconds! 


And if we don't get the chance to say it anywhere else, a very happy holiday season to everyone at UKFF. Cheers all!

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