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PAID Promotions Wrestling presents Fightmare Before Christmas

Victor Is God

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PAID Promotions Wrestling presents Fightmare Before Christmas

WInter Gardens, Morecambe, Lancashire

Sunday, December 7 2014




MAIN EVENT - Team Riot Club vs Team Alpha Omega in an eight-man elimination war!


PAID Promotions Champion 'One Man Riot' Craig Kollins (with Greg 'The Truth' Lambert), Cyanide, CJ Banks and Chris Ridgeway


'Heavyweight House of Pain' Stixx, El Ligero, Dave Mastiff and Ricky J McKenzie (RJM)




FOUR WAY WOMEN'S MATCH - Nikki Storm vs Kay Lee Ray vs Viper vs Lana Austin




TABLES MATCH - 'Dangerous' Damon Leigh vs 'Mr Big' Shaun Vasey (with Greg 'The Truth' Lambert)




TAG TEAM GRUDGE MATCH - 'Delicious' Danny Hope and Joey Hayes vs The Referendum




SINGLES MATCH - Bubblegum vs Tyson T-Bone




THE VILLAIN DEBUTS - Marty Scurll arrives in PAID Promotions Wrestling


Lion Kid vs 'The Villain' Marty Scurll




Doors 4pm


Tickets http://www.paidpromotionswrestling.co.uk/tickets/4584923265


Prices when bought in advance through Paypal: Adults £9, Child/Concession £6, VIP front row (includes interval meet and greet with some of the wrestlers) £15, family of four £25. Tickets more expensive on the door.


More details coming soon...




Alpha Omega leader revealed as Stixx!




'Heavyweight House of Pain' vows to rid Morecambe Wrestling of Greg 'The Truth' Lambert


El Ligero and Dave Mastiff also part of Stixx's new group


Huge eight-man elimination war signed for Fightmare Before Christmas on December 7


Craig Kollins still PAID Promotions Champion despite DQ loss to Ricky J McKenzie


Bubblegum shockingly turns on RJM


Danny Hope recruits Joey Hayes in war against The Referendum


Marty Scurll, Nikki Storm and Lana Austin set for PAID debuts at Fightmare Before Christmas


'Mr Big' puts Dangerous Damon Leigh through a table - tables match signed for December 7




Are Greg 'The Truth' Lambert's days numbered? The ever-present menace in Morecambe Wrestling over the past 12 years is a marked man. 'Heavyweight House of Pain' Stixx made this abundantly clear on his return to Morecambe at PAID Promotions Remember Remember last Sunday night. 




As Lambert's cronies in The Riot Club gave Ricky J McKenzie a beating following the title match main event between RJM and the champion 'One Man Riot' Craig Kollins, the Alpha Omega symbol appeared on the big screen at the Winter Gardens and El Ligero, Dave Mastiff and Stixx appeared on the stage, wearing Alpha Omega T-Shirts. They charged the ring, clearing it of Lambert's band, and then Stixx put 'The Truth' on notice...their mission is to drive 'Mr Morecambe' out of his own home town's wrestling scene once and for all. What's more, Stixx vowed this is exactly what will happen when his group battle Team Riot Club in an eight-man elimination war at Fightmare Before Christmas on December 7. Stixx also explained that Alpha means beginning, and Omega means end, so December 7 will be a new beginning, and the beginning of the end for The Truth!




The other big shocker at Remember Remember was the actions of career Morecambe fan favourite Bubblegum. The popular cruiserweight, beaten by Ricky J McKenzie three months earlier in the Golden Chance Tournament, offered his hand in friendship to RJM before the biggest match of his life, telling the youngster that if Bubblegum couldn't be champ, there's nobody he'd rather hold the belt than RJM. Then Bubblegum waited until McKenzie's back was turned, and kicked him right in the back of the head, knocking him out cold. The fans were stunned, and furious. But for RJM's astonishing powers of recovery, Bubblegum's act of treachery could have cost him any chance of even competing for the PAID Title that night.




The Scottish super-stable The Referendum also continued their reign of terror at Remember Remember. Last time, 'Laird' Ryan Grayson had Wolfgang, BT Gunn and Stevie 'Boy' Xavier at his beck and call. This time, 'The Leader of the 45%' was aided and abetted by Scottish wrestlers Bobby Roberts, Scott Renwick and Viper, who joined him in a vicious four-on-one attack on 'Delicious' Danny Hope before they buried him under the Scottish flag, just as The Referendum did to Tyler Bate at Retribution. Danny made a heroic comeback later in the evening to save Kasey Owens from a similar fate, and then told Grayson to pick a partner from Scotland to face him and Joey Hayes in a tag match on December 7. But this much is clear. Grayson appears to be right when he says that Danny isn't fighting just a group, but an entire nation, as the loudmouthed Laird can clearly call on almost ANY wrestler from Scotland's rich talent pool to join his cause. You have to ask, who will turn up in Morecambe next from north of the border?




Another heinous act at Remember Remember came from 'Mr Big' Shaun Vasey, who choke slammed 'Dangerous' Damon Leigh through a table at the end of their in-ring contract signing for a match on December 7. As DDL lay prostrate in the middle of the ring, Vasey's manager Greg Lambert gleefully informed Leigh the Fightmare Before Christmas bout would be a tables match. The 6ft 5in Vasey has had the last laugh on DDL every step of the way over the past few months. But this is making the proud veteran more and more angry, and more determined to gain revenge. If DDL manages to...ahem...turn the tables on the hated Mr Big next month, the roof might just blow off the Winter Gardens.




All photos courtesy of Tony Knox.




Check out the all-action fast-paced opener from Remember Remember as El Ligero battles Chris Ridgeway, Ryan Smile and Damian Dunne in a four-way cruiserweight clash.




Meet 'The Villain' Marty Scurll ahead of his return to Morecambe. Party Marty is no more!  


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Brief results from tonight's show with photos by Tony Knox.


Bubblegum pinned Damian Dunne. Afterwards Bubblegum and T-Bone gave Ricky J McKenzie a spike tombstone piledriver on a chair. This brought out Team Alpha Omega who had a confrontation with Team Riot Club.






Ryan Smile pinned Barricade.




Lion Kid pinned Marty Scurll




The Referendum won a four-way women's match after Kay Lee Ray turned heel on Lana Austin and she, Nikki Storm and Viper all pinned Austin. Laird Grayson then came out and announced Kay Lee and Nikki had joined The Referendum and the Scottish super-stable covered Lana with the Scottish flag.








Referendum members Bobby Roberts and Steven Myles  beat Danny Hope and Joey Hayes after Laird Grayson interfered. 




'Mr Big' Shaun Vasey choke slammed Father Christmas through a table!




In the main event, Team Alpha Omega (Stixx, El Ligero, Dave Mastiff and Ricky J McKenzie) defeated Team Riot Club (Craig Kollins, T-Bone, CJ Banks and Chris Ridgeway) in an elimination match.




Mastiff pinned Ridgeway

Mastiff was disqualified for shoving the ref after refusing to stop pounding on Banks

Kollins pinned Ligero

Stixx pinned Banks

RJM made a heroic return late in the match and pinned T-Bone

Stixx and RJM then both survived after double pinning Kollins




After the match Stixx led the faces in throwing Greg 'The Truth' Lambert out of the venue!




Lambert, majority shareholder in PAID Promotions, has since tweeted that he is so disgusted by his treatment, he is going into exile and will not appear at a Morecambe wrestling event again!



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What's this I hear about Greg being powerbombed by Dave Mastiff then thrown in a plant pot outside the venue?!? Footage urgently needed!!!


EDIT: also, is there a full list of 2015 PAID dates available anywhere? Getting that Morecambe itch... (no, not THAT Morecambe itch. That's another story...)

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The next show is Love and War on Sunday, February 15 2015 at the Winter Gardens. Tickets www.paidpromotionswrestling.co.uk


The 'power bomb' has to be seen to be believed.


In the mean time the story of 'Mr Morecambe's night in pictures can be seen at his official Facebook page.



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