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Trav-Aid - Charity Wrestling Show All Money Raised Goes To Kris Travis


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A Charity Wrestling Show In Support Of UK Wrestler Kris Travis.


UK Wrestler Kris Travis recently revealed via social media that he had stomach cancer. After a successful operation to remove a tumour from his stomach. Kris now faces a tough road to recovery with over 18 weeks of Chemotherapy.


Kris has been one of the top performers on the UK scene for a long time, often putting his own health at risk to perform for the fans and his sole income has been from wrestling. This show is a one off, solely to generate some added income and support and help Kris on the road to recovery.



Ringside World have also very kindly offered to donate ALL booking fees direct to Kris Travis as well.


Ringside World have tickets on sale via the link below






Some people have been asking what the main event for ‪#‎TravAid‬ will be...so its about time we let you in on the secret.

Nothing could be more fitting for a main event than to include 4 guys that have been around with Trav for so long, travelled with him, worked with him and been close to him. So the main event will be a tag team affair...

Trav's long time Project Ego Tag Partner Martin Kirby will team with Joey Hayes as they take on CJ Banks and Bubblegum....


If the cause of coming to the show wasn't enough, let me assure you this match is worth the admission cost on its own!





Ladies and Gentlemen... this is the

"Least Threatening Triple Threat Match Ever"


Dave Rayne vs Flex Buffington vs Sebastian Radclaw




With all of fantastic names added to the list for TravAid.... there was only one way we ever going to be able to fit everybody in....

And that was with a HUGE 30 Man Rumble Match.....

There will be 'blasts from the past', 'stars of the future' and plenty of UK's heaviest hitting and biggest superstars on show in this one!! And its ALL for Kris Travis!!




Seems as though TravAid may not quite be the 'friendly' affair that we were anticipating as tonight Scottish Superstar "Viper" has issued an open challenge..... any ladies in the UK brave/stupid enough to answer it??




What happens when you put 6 of the UK's top performing athletes into one match? A complete mesh of styles, sizes and strength?

Magic....that's what....!



EBW/NCWA "Thank YouTravis" 6 MAN TAG MATCH
Mark Sanderson, Caleb Crow & John Green vs
Ryan Lee, Sam Goodison & Dom Black




Looking for items for this.... could be a great way to raise the extra cash on the night so whether or not you have a bundle of old wrestling DVD's, a games console, some old wrestling figures, signed pictures, books or other stuff.... PLEASE donate generously!!

The Auction will be going on throughout the night with every penny raised going direct to Kris Travis.... but we NEED your donations!!

If anyone has any contacts in the wrestling world and can get some personal merchandise for auction...NOW is the time to do it!!




Queens Social Club,
4 Queens Rd,
S2 4DG


16th November 2014


Doors Open:

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What a wonderful night.  An amazing turn out.  Thank you to the fans, family and friends of Kris Travis for making this night in Sheffield one to remember.



The dark match saw JC Thunder and LJ Heron face El Ligero and Cameron Knight.  Kris, Ligs, JC and myself all trained with Cameron a long time ago.  He was an amazing talent and last night he put on the lycra shorts one more time for Travis.  Knight won the match pinning JC Thunder after a swanton bomb.


In the Elite British Wrestling 3-man tag match, EBW Champion Sam Goodinson (teaming with Dom Black and Ryan Lee) defeated Mark Saunders, John Green and Kaleb Crowe when Goodinson pinned Green with a school boy roll up.


The WWE bunny made a guest appearance beating Dave Rayne and Flex Buffington with a top rope splash.


Tyler Bate won the 30-man rumble, and was present for almost all the contest after drawing an early number.  Fantastic showing by Tyler and Joseph Connors (who drew number 1 and was present until the end).


Match of the night honours went to the 6 way mayhem match featuring Stixx, Robbie X, Ryan Smile, Iestyn Rees, Pete Dunn and Don Molony.  Iestyn won the match.


Many many items were auctioned during the night including a signed pair of Bret Hart glasses, a portraite of Kris Travis and items from many a superstar giving support to 'The Shooting Star'.


Miss Viper took on two local talents and managed to see them off in her own brutal style.  However her mouth got the best of her when T-Bone accepted her open challenge.  Following a brutal headbutt (that left a an egg the size of...... an egg) on the head of Viper, T-Bone pinned the challenger with a Tombstone.


In the main event,  Martin Kirby and Joey Hayes faced Bubblegum and CJ Banks in a fantastic and emotional tag team match.  The contest was decided when Travis, going to the aid of his Project Ego tag team partner, was struck in the stomach by Bubblegum.  However a warrior, no matter the odds, will never stay down.  Travis rose and super kicked Bubblegum allowing Kirby to score the popular victory.


For me it was a night never to forget.


Thank you again.

Lots of pink

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