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WAW Academy places available this Autumn


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WAW Wrestling Academy based in Norwich is taking on new students in the Autumn for our weekend seminars, Sept 20/21, Oct 18/19, Nov 15/16, Dec 13/14. WAW Academy is one of the longest running training schools in the UK and is known as the gym of champions.every aspect of pro wrestling is taught by the coaches and once a student has achieved the top grade they will become part of the WAW Roster and can expect to be considered for up to 100 shows per year. The academy also runs 24 shows a year which you can be part of when the coaches deem you ready.As well as the Knight family, the Academy have regular guest coaches from the golden era of British wrestling such as Johnny Kincaid, Marty Jones, Danny Collins, Karl Kramer, Jason Cross, Tom Thumb, Tony Scarlo, Jimmy Ocean, Doug Williams. From across the pond Steve Corino has done many seminars as has Joe Legend. We have a fulltime facility to back up the weekends, with two full size rings, cardio and weights, boxercise and stand up sunbed, there are dietitians to help and advise, so its a one stop shop. If you are looking to break into pro wrestling WAW Academy is a great place to start, to apply email waw1994@hotmail.co.uk or call 07880 977 512.

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