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Dutch Pro Wrestling Full Match: Emil Sitoci (C) versus Kenzo Richards

Marc Ambush Solo

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Current Dutch Heavyweight Champion Emil Sitoci is currently taking part in a big tv-show over here in the Netherlands, called Utopia, where he has been locked up since the start of the year, building a new society.


In a way to make money for the new society Emil Sitoci teamed up with Dutch Pro Wrestling to organise a show, in which he would defend his Title against his rival Kenzo Richards.


The show took place yesterday, and a crowd of 430 gathered at Utopia to witness the show, while more than 200000 people tuned in on the live streams, setting a new online viewing record for the Utopia live streams.


This upcoming Tuesday the match will be showed on Dutch tv-station SBS-6 daily Utopia broadcast, which attracts about 1 milion viewers a day.


The match, as shown on the main stream can be seen HERE!

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