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PAID Promotions Wrestling - Truth Or Consequences

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On Sunday June 1 2014 at The Globe Arena, Morecambe, PAID Promotions Wrestling will present a show with a most ironic title. Because it will be the night when The Truth will face the consequences of his actions.


Wrestling manager, journalist and loudmouth Greg 'The Truth' Lambert has made it his life's mission to bring down the PAID Promotions Champion Joey Hayes. It's completely personal between Lambert and Hayes, dating back to when Joey cost Lambert's Team XWA their inter-promotional match with GPW back in summer 2012. Then when Hayes resurfaced in Morecambe in February this year to challenge, and defeat 'The Truth's man Johnny Phere to win the PAID Promotions Title, it reopened old wounds and then some...especially when Hayes got his hands on Lambert after his victory, choked him out, stripped him half-naked and wrote 'LIAR' in black marker pen on his back...


That humiliating night appears to have sent Lambert into a downward spiral. During Hayes' title defence against the mammoth Cyanide in April, Lambert turned up unannounced. Clad in a hoodie and sporting a dishevelled beard, he entered the Globe Arena through a side door and sneaked to ringside to grab and hold onto Joey's leg as he set up for the Teenage Kick, allowing Cyanide to regain the advantage. But as 'The Truth' was pulled away by security, Cyanide missed a top rope moonsault, and Joey - despite a painful assault on his right leg throughout the match by The Toxic Terror - cradled the big man for the unlikely three count to survive with his championship reign intact. But then Lambert completely lost the plot and, ranting and raving into the microphone, said there was clearly only one man he could trust to take back the PAID Promotions Title from his bitter enemy- himself! So the challenge was made, wrestler vs manager, for Sunday June 1 at The Globe Arena.


Joey seemed amused at first, but after the events of last Sunday at Retaliation in Blackpool, the champion's demeanour has changed completely. Booked in a two-on-one handicap match against The Blackpool Blonds, who had Lambert as their manager for the night, Joey instead found himself facing four-on-one odds as 'The Truth' (who Johnny Phere had put in charge for the main event) kept on adding extra men to his team. The quartet of The Blonds, Ryan Grayson and the 6ft5in 'Mr Big' Shaun Vasey mercilessly assaulted the champion, including his injured knee, until Hayes finally succumbed, pinned by Vasey. After the match, The Blonds, Grayson and Vasey held a furious but helpless Hayes as Lambert grabbed the title belt and got right in Joey's face, mocking him, and vowing that on June 1, he would take the PAID Promotions Championship from him!


This was a blatant attempt to weaken Joey for June 1, but instead appears to have lit a fire under him. The champion is now determined to give Lambert the beating of his life. For 12 years, 'The Truth' has been a pain in the backside of the British Wrestling scene with his dastardly actions. On Sunday June 1, 'The Truth's sins may find him out!




In the second half of a double main event, former champion 'The Psychotic Warrior' Johnny Phere takes on the 6ft 7in freak known as The Creeper in a Last Man Standing match. This match was made after Phere battled The Creeper last Sunday and got himself disqualified by laying waste to the Entity with 13...yes 13 chair shots to the back, but the seemingly indestructible Creeper still managed to eventually stagger to his feet! But in a Last Man Standing match, chairs will be legal and all Phere has to do is keep the monster down for a count of 10 to be the winner, but must watch out for the devastating Creeper Bomb, the move which has helped The Creeper become undefeated in PAID Promotions, and seemingly unstoppable. Phere says he's the Best in Europe. On Sunday June 1, he'll have to be.


More matches will be announced soon.


TRUTH OR CONSEQUENCES, The Globe Arena, Christie Way, Morecambe, Lancashire, Sunday, June 1


Joey Hayes vs Greg 'The Truth' Lambert wrestler vs manager grudge match for the PAID Promotions Title

Johnny Phere vs The Creeper - Last Man Standing match

Bubblegum vs Danny Hope

Craig Kollins vs Ryan Grayson vs Ricky J McKenzie - Triple Threat match

Triston vs Mr Big Shaun Vasey


And much more!


Doors 4pm, bell time 4.30pm. Tickets www.paidpromotionswrestling.co.uk

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You saw him with Adam Rose on WWE Raw and SmackDown this week, but next Sunday Ricky J McKenzie won't be in the party mood as he faces two of the biggest thorns in his side of the past few months, Craig Kollins and Ryan Grayson, in a Triple Threat Match. As Kollins holds the Golden Chance Trophy, putting him in line for a title shot at any time, and Grayson has the beautiful but deadly Serenity backing him up, this will be a far tougher task for RJM than dressing up as a pirate, that's for sure!


RJM has faced Kollins three times over the past few months, with 'The One Man Riot' holding a two-one advantage including a victory over McKenzie in a no holds barred two out of three falls Jingle Brawl back in December. McKenzie enjoyed better success against Grayson, including defeating him and Serenity in a two-on-one handicap match at Morecambe back in April, when RJM channelled the spirit of The Ultimate Warrior to score a popular victory.


With RJM on a tear following a big win over 'Mr Big' Shaun Vasey last time out and his appearances as a Rosebud, victory could propel him into the title picture.


Tickets for next Sunday's Truth or Consequences show from www.paidpromotionswrestling.co.uk - show starts 4.30pm.

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Craig Kollins defeated Ryan Grayson and Ricky J McKenzie in a triple threat match when he made RJM tap out to a kneebar. Really strong opener.


'Mr Big' Shaun Vasey beat Triston by referee stoppage when Triston collapsed without warning in the middle of the ring, due to head trauma. After the match Triston was being helped to his feet but Vasey blasted him in the head with a big boot.


Bubblegum pinned 'Delicious' Danny Hope with a 619 after a good long and entertaining match.


The Creeper defeated Johnny Phere in a Last Man Standing match after a Creeper Bomb through a wooden board. After the match, Phere quit PAID Promotions Wrestling and walked out! So what does this mean for the future of the company?


And in an ultra-heated, dramatic main event, Joey Hayes retained the PAID Promotions Championship defeating his arch-rival, wrestling manager Greg 'The Truth' Lambert, by disqualification.


The match took forever to start as Lambert did everything possible to stall for time, then came interference from Ryan Grayson and Danny Hope, who assaulted Joey's injured knee, before the bell finally rang. But after Hayes kicked out of Lambert's pinfall attempt, and then thwarted another attempt to attack him by Hope, Joey finally got his hands on 'The Truth' and battered him with a body slam, Hardcore Holly-style kick to the gut, and a reverse atomic drop, before applying a sleeper hold!


Lambert was unconscious but before the referee could call for the bell, Craig Kollins hit the ring and took Hayes' leg out with a chop block. 'The One Man Riot' then mercilessly destroyed Joey's knee with a crowbar, which he also used to batter Bubblegum as he tried to make the save. Kollins then informed the show host Stallion and referee Charles Nelson Riley that he was cashing in his Golden Chance Trophy, PAID Promotions' equivalent of Money In The Bank! The bell rang, Kollins applied his Kneebar again, and despite a manful struggle to hold on through the pain, Joey Hayes tapped out.


Craig Kollins defeats Joey Hayes by submission to become the new PAID Promotions Champion and now has a new manager...Greg 'The Truth' Lambert.

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