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WAW Academy results


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WAW Mane Orsa 29 results from Costessy, Norwich.

The show began with WAW CC member, Carl Ford. He revealed that last week, Mr Tommy Lee had told him that Karl Krammer was injured and unable to compete, therefore King Kendo was handing over the other half of the European Tag Titles to Scott Fusion.

However the WAW CC weren't going to take Tommy Lee's word for it. Therefore at this time, they do NOT recognise Scott Fusion as a co-holder of the European Tag Titles.

Carl Ford then went to his commentary table to join his partner for the evening, Rowdy Ricky Knight


1) The Battlekats defeated Sonny Smasher & Rhys Nelson in an exciting opener featuring the newly promoted WAW Youth Academy talent.


2) Black Belt Thomas Dawkins defeated Marco Marinelli in a hard hitting contest.


3) Academy Title - 5 way elimination match.

Brad O'Brien was the defending champion coming into the match against Mr J White, Mark Nelson, Harleem Kennedy Jr and Mitchell Starr (accompanied by Midas member Buster Keegan)

The action came thick and fast with HKJ eliminated first, then Mark Nelson followed soon after.

Buster Keegan got involved later as Mitchell Starr held Mr J White in a full nelson. With the referee distracted, Buster slid in holding the academy title. He seemed conflicted with hitting J White and hesitated which allowed the laughing boy to escape Mitchell's clutches. However Buster then decided to use the belt anyway but on Mitchell!

The crowd were in shock as were Brad O'Brien & Mr J White. Buster left ringside as J covered Mitchell.

Somehow Mitchell managed to grab the rope to survive though and Mr J White staggered back to his feed. Brad O'Brien used this to his advantage though and rolled up Mr J White to eliminate him.

The final two, Brad & Starr continued to fight for a short while before Mitchell was able to put away O'Brien with his Star Destroyer (package piledriver).

MIDAS had regained the Academy Title!


4) Hot & Sexy defeated Freedom & Fire

Former British tag champions, Freedom & Fire tried every trick they could but eventually fell to the combined force of Hot Stuff & Tony Valentine


5) Destiny defeated Miss Highlight

After facing each other twice in April (in singles & tag competition), this was deemed as the unofficial decider to see who would get bragging rights over the other.

Despite the best efforts of Miss Highlight, the winner was Destiny after her relentless offense ended with her trademark jumping tombstone.


6) Kosta K defeated Prince Ali

This bout was between two new faces to the Norwich crowd, Kosta K had only previously had one bout in WAW and this was Prince Ali's first WAW bout.

Both men put on a great international contest as they tried to show the WAW CC what they could do. Currently both men are under 3 month trial contracts but if they continue how they did at Mane Orsa 29, it seems just a matter of time before they get full time contracts.


7) Scott Bradley defeated Buster Keegan

Bradley managed to use his speed against Buster to full effect. He managed to lock Buster in an octopus lock to gain the submission victory.



Shortly after Buster went backstage, there was an incident involving him, Mr J White and several Midas Stable members.

We are hoping to have exclusive video footage of this incident available at some point this week.



The Midas Stable (Kendo, Scott Fusion, Joey Ozbourne & The Chosen One" Alex Young) with Tommy Lee, Diamond Dave and Tank O Rooney


Team Waw (The Hooligans, Aaron Sharp & Rex Wylde)

The match was as to be expected an all out war as everyone went at it hell for leather to try and get the advantage in this clash between the Midas and WAW factions.

Midas continually frustrated WAW's team by cheating behind the referee's back to the point were Zak Knight even asked Ricky Knight (sat at the commentary table) what they could do.

Eventually the inevitable happened and referee Joe Penny lost complete control as everyone began brawling at once on the inside and outside of the ring. The bell rang out for a no contest but still the action continued before Ricky Knight left commentary and pull the WAW group away. Meanwhile Tommy Lee was doing the same with his Midas cronies.

Midas went to the outside and Ricky grabbed the microphone and shouted he was sick of all this. He challenged Midas to a match at The upcoming David Bloomfield Charity wrestling Show in Diss on 6 June.

Knight wanted the match to be

Kendo, Young & Ozbourne Vs The Hooligans and............for one night only.........returning for charity only...........RICKY KNIGHT

The counter challenge went back and forth for a bit before they upped the steaks with a few stipulations.

MIDAS just wanted one stipulation, they wanted the fairest referee in Europe, David Finch to be assigned to that match.

The Knight Dynasty went better than that though;

If Ricky Knight beats Kendo in the match, he will have to unmask.

If Roy Zebra Kid Knight beats Ozbourne, he has to shave his head.

If Zak Knight beats Young, then he will have to wear a dress and sing!

Plus if anyone on Knight family wins then (Ipswich native) David Finch will need to wear a Norwich City FC shirt for a month.

So at Diss High School on 6 June, it will be;

Midas Stable - King Kendo, Alex Young & Joey Ozbourne


The Knight Dynasty - Ricky, Zak & Roy Knight

Absolutely not a show to be missed.


MC - Michael Mann

Referees - David Finch, Joe Penny & Scott Edgar

Commentary - Carl Ford & Ricky Knight


full house.

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