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Rare WCW PAL Videos from 1997 and 1998 for Sale

Van Dammer

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I thought this may interest some on here. I have decided to sell my old WCW Videos. The first, Starrcade 1997, has just been put on eBay and the following will be going up in the coming days and weeks too@

Souled Out 1998

Superbrawl 8

Uncensored 1998

Spring Stampede 1998

Slamboree 1998

Great American Bash 1998


These were only available through the diabolically bad WCW Home Video distributor and were never sold in shops. You may remember adverts in the old Powerslam magazines for them. Theres a few inparticular where theres believed to only be a tiny number in existence.


Any questions let me know. Link to the auction is below and theres pictures of all videos in there.




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