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DVD-R - ROH + Lucha sets for sale


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I have several sets that I'm looking to pass on as ive watched these once and now just gathering dust - Sorry but don't have the time to split the sets and sell separately.

These are not originals - DVDR

Prices include postage

Drop me a DM if anyone interested.


Ring of Honor


Gold Rush

Do or Die

Glory by Honor - Night 1

8th Anniversary Show

Final Battle 2006

Supercard of Honor 4

Testing the limit

Aries Vs Richards

High Impact TV 10.12.02

High Impact TV 17.12.02

High Impact TV 28.10.02

High Impact TV 05.11.02

High Impact TV 02.09.02

High Impact TV 23.09.02

Straight Shoot - Jimmy Yang

From the Ashes

Best in the World 2011

Epic Encounter


All the above

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