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The UKFF Awards - Results are in!


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I've finally had chance to finalise and compile the results of 2002's UKFF Awards. The results are as follows:The Good:Wrestler of 2002: Kurt Angle with 78.29% of votes.Runner up: Eddie Guerrero with 21.71%Tag-Team of 2002: Los Guerreros with 37.50% of votes.Runner up: Kurt Angle & Chris Benoit with 25.89%Rookie of 2002: Brock Lesnar with 87.85% of votes.Runner up: John Cena with 12.15%Match of 2002: Kurt Angle & Chris Benoit Vs Rey Mysterio & Edge - No Mercy with 24.55% of votes.Runner up: HHH Vs Shawn Michaels - SummerSlam with 21.82%Card of 2002: Summerslam - WWE with 49.00% of votes.Runner up: British Uprising - FWA with 28.00%Angle of 2002: Angle & Benoit Vs Rey & Edge Vs Los Guerreros with 20.83% of votes.Runner up: The Rock Vs Hulk Hogan with 17.71%Most Memorable Moment of 2002: The Rock Vs Hulk Hogan - WrestleMania X8 with 61.70% of votes.Runner up: Shawn Michaels - SummerSlam with 19.15%Funniest Moment of 2002: Booker T & Goldust with 36.73% of votes.Runner up: Kurt Angle & Rey Mysterio with 32.65%Heel of 2002: Kurt Angle with 36.08% of votes.Runner up: Eddie Guerrero with 28.87%Face of 2002: Joint winners Hulk Hogan & Rey Mysterio Jnr. with 21.98% of votes.Runner up: Edge with 17.58%The Bad:Worst Wrestler of 2002: Buff Bagwell with 19.83% of votes.Runner up: Albert with 18.10%Worst Tag-Team of 2002: D-Von & Ron Simmons with 29.52% of votes.Runner up: 3 Minute Warning with 24.76%Worst Match of 2002: Trish & Bradshaw Vs Jackie Gayda & Chris Nowinski - RAWwith 48.96% of votes.Runner up: Hulk Hogan Vs The Undertaker - Judgment Day with 23.96%Worst Card of 2002: King Of The Ring - WWE with 45.35% of votes.Runner up: No Way Out - WWE with 23.26%Worst Angle of 2002: The Necrophilia angle (Katie Vick/HHH/Kane) with 67.71% of votes.Runner up: Al Wilson/Torrie Wilson/Dawn Marie with 16.67%The Billy Gunn Award 2002: HHH with 32.43% of votes.Runner up: Kevin Nash with 27.03%The UK Wrestling Awards:UK Wrestler of 2002: Doug Williams with 51.25% of votes.Runner up: Jody Fleisch with 26.25%UK Rookie of 2002: Hade Vansen with 50.82% of votes.Runner up: Paul Birchill with 26.23%UK Match of 2002: Doug Willams Vs Eddie Guerrero - Revival with 41.67% of votes.Runner up: Jonny Storm Vs AJ Styles - British Uprising with 23.61%UK Federation of 2002: FWA with 71.59% of votes.Runner up: NWA-UK with 15.91%The UKFF's Own Awards:UKFFer Award: MoChatra with 33.33% of votes.Runner up: Pickstar with 23.42%Dolt Award: MrWrestling with 49.00% of votes.Runner up: Segaboyno with 30.00%Feud Award: MrWrestling Vs The UKFF with 53.61% of votes.Runner up: thewholefnshop Vs Kid Kash with 21.65%LOL Award: John Lister with 46.51% of votes.Runner up: Mr Sparkle with 29.07%At, not with Award: Greg "The Truth" Lambert with 44.00% of votes.Runner up: MrWrestling with 26.00%Most Shameless Plugger: TwoSheds316 (WAW) with 35.24% of votes.Runner up: Pickstar (Pick's Tapes) with 30.48%Definitely some interesting choices there! I'd like to say a big thankyou to all who nominated and voted in the awards, and to Steve, Phil, Adam & Elisar; all of whom who helped with the nominations for the UKFF's own awards.2002 was certainly a busy year for the UKFF. We moved host twice, switched board systems once, been chucked off hosting for exceeding bandwidth (again!) and opened the mighty Off Topic forum. Thankyou to everyone who has contributed to the UKFF this year, and here's to a great 2003 for everyone!

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