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RJTR Publishing Ltd is the home of Alternative Wrestling Magazine. It was founded by Jason-Lee Ridpath who has six years of being a commercial graphic designer both in print and online. So we are able to help you with an advertising needs at no extra cost. Yes that is right we will create your adverts for you at NO EXTRA COST. At the moment Alternative Wrestling Magazine is in a unique position with us being FREE and ONLINE that our readership for previous Issues grow with the current Issues. Here are the figures for the magazine.


Issue 1 (June) 1,520 (after four weeks)


Issue 2 (July) 1,649 (after four weeks)


Issue 3 (August) 2,109 (after four weeks)


Issue 4 (September)3,465 (after three weeks)


The website since June has had over 10,000 unique visitors with 76% of the visitors coming from Europe. The majority of that percentage coming from the United Kingdom. We have an average of 2,000 unique visitors a month and on average 225 visitors to the site everyday including unique and regular.



These are the prices of advertising until Issue 6 which is in November but depending on the success of the deals it may just stick for a while. Due to the special offers it would make more sense for people to get 4 A4 Adverts instead of the 3 but we have put the price down even though it is the same.

Magazine Advertising


2 x A4 Advert =

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