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WAW Academy results


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results from WAW Academy, 7th October.


Aaron Sharpe bt Brad O'Brien.


Milky O'Hagen came out and addressed the crowd and gave them an update after the attack on him a grapplers three months ago. He said he had to vacate his academy title and needed surgery which he had already under gone and was still weeks away from competing again. He gave this warning, his Bully Buster campaign would continue and first on his list would be finding who his attacking was and getting his revenge legally in the ring where wrestlers should compete not jumping people from behind like cowards. He ask the crowd to join in his new slogan FIND THE BULLY, Which they did with great enthusiasm.


TJ Daniels won a three way match v Marco Marinelli and Charlie Spooner.


Canary Kid bt Mitchell Starr w/Sam Knee to win the vacant Academy title.


Solomon/Destiny won a four corners mixed tag challenge v Alex young/Stacey, Brad Slayer/Penelope and Peter Nixon/Liberty.


Stan bt Lucky Ollie Dean


Metalheads won main event tag match v Judas/Kiefer Knowles and outside interference from Solomon.



Dave Finch

Joe Penny



Mike Mann


great atmosphere in front of a full house with people turned away, the academy show goes from strength to strength.


Next show november 11th

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