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Wrestling Writers Wanted


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Hi guys - I know some very credible wrestling writers share their thoughts on here so I wanted to post the following from our website:


The Calling Spots Wrestling Fanzine is planning a talent search to expand on our fantastic creative team. Unlike our previous searches, we are currently looking for prospective new writers this time around, amongst other things:


Because we get a high volume of people interested in writing for us, it

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Thanks for the HUGE response to this guys - I have had a bucket loads of emails with a lot of exciting and experienced writers.


The reason for this quick update is that we are still running the trial scheme for new writers/artists/contributors but I cannot stress enough, you MUST have read our fanzine if you are going to write for us. We have already had to knock back a lot of very experienced writers for this reason. Our fanzine isn't an online thing, it is a printed magazine that we ship worldwide.


If interested - please email me as per the above post, or visit CallingSpots.com for more details.


Cheers guys - Rich, Editor

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