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IPW:UK "FUTURE 5 - Sprint Series",

Daniel Edler

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Our fifth instalment in the IPW Future series, returns to the IPW gym at Swanley White Oaks on July 8th.


Full information will be available in this Saturday's "IPW:UK Royale Rewards 2012" official program, but we can reveal that the show will feature the first ever "Sprint Series", a one night tournament featuring 4 Academy graduates and 4 IPW main roster Pro's.

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An extract from the IPW:UK Tapout fanzine:


Our next event back here in Swanley is only two weeks away - Sunday July 8th - as we present one of our trademark Academy vs. Pro events, "Future #5"! These events pit some of the graduates of the IPW:UK training school (http://www.ipwuktraining.com) up against some of the top stars of the main IPW roster!


Previous events have seen the likes of Zack Sabre Jr, Terry Frazier, Sha Samuels, Martin Stone and many other top names taking the stars of IPW future to their limits. On July 8th IPW:UK fans will be treated to a new concept in tournament wrestling. 8 men will begin and one man will reign supreme at the end as the first ever "Sprint Series" tournament champion!


The "Sprint Series" is a fast-paced, all-action style of wrestling - something IPW has always been known for. Two-wrestlers will compete in a match which has a 10-minute time-limit. Victory comes in the form of pinfall, submission, countout, disqualification or knockout. If at the end of 10 minutes, wrestlers will have 2-minutes of sudden victory, in which they have 2 further minutes to try and come to a match conclusion. Should the pair be deadlocked after 12 minutes of furious action, both men will be eliminated from the tournament!


In the final, the two wrestlers who have made it this far will follow the same format - 10 minute time limit, 2 minute sudden victory, but should both men still be locked in deadlock, a 3-man panel will use the 10-point must system of scoring (as seen in Boxing and Mixed Martial Arts) to declare one committed and dedicated wrestler he winner.


The first four names on the card are Pro's 'Mr. IPW' Ashley Reed and 'Suicidal' Jimmy Havoc, and graduates The London Riots.


Doors open at 3.45pm on July 8th, will the show starting at 4.00pm and an approximate end time of 6.00pm. Tickets are just

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I could post results if I knew more than half the people that competed... ;)but I'll give it a try anyway (no limit or warranty though):RJ Singh over a London Riot who came close to throwing him on his head... :( Darrell Allen over something incredibly hairyAshley Reed over Prince ? (he didn't sing no Purple Rain though)Another London Riot over some really skinny kid in the best match so far.IntermissionDarrell Allen over Ashley ReedLondon Riot over RJ6 Man intergender Tag:Terry Frazier, Black Lilly, and some really hot guy :love: over Tyrant lookalike, a girl with cool net-tights and Adam (?) WindsorDarrell Allen over London Diet :thumbsup: Show was about 1:30h long :(

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Full results. Show went the full 2 hours it was scheduled for, by the by!


MC: Lawrence Bean

Refs: Chris Hatch & Andy Nickol


1 - Sprint Series R1: 'Mr. IPW' Ashley Reed defeated Shan Buddika

2 - Sprint Series R1: RJ Singh defeated Rob Lynch (of The London Riots)

3 - Sprint Series R1: 'Dazzlin' Darrell Allen defeated Barrington Bear

4 - Sprint Series R1: James Davis (of The London Riots) defeated Joel Martinengo

5 - Sprint Series R2: Darrell Allen defeated Ashley Reed

6 - Sprint Series R2: James Davis defeated RJ Singh

7 - Six Person Tag: Terry Frazier, Paul Synnot & Sakura Lily defeated The Rage, 'Earl' Jonathan Windsor & Lucy Clayden

8 - Sprint Series Final: Darrell Allen defeated James Davis. After the match, The London Riots beat down on Allen before RJ Singh made the save, setting up a tag team bout for Sep 15th!

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