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FutureShock 59! May 27th Stockport Guildhall

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On Sunday 27th May FutureShock presents the next exciting step on the road to International SuperShow as we return once more to the Stockport Masonic Guildhall.


Already set for FutureShock 59 is the return of the FutureShock specific match up The ShockWave Gauntlet! Featuring two strong teams with so much crossed bad blood it

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Due to an Unfortunate sailing accident The Nordic Warrior is unable to compete at FutureShock 59! - Pro-Wrestling! Nordic was scheduled to compete in the Tag Tournament with Ring of Horror stablemate Cyanide!

ROH Manager Chris Egan quickly found a suitable monster replacement, who apparently jumped at the opportunity to gain a Tag Title shot at International SuperShow - Pro-Wrestling!

Mark Massa has therefore pulled out of his scheduled bout with Bubblegum!

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Quick 1st half


bubblegum b. Josh bodum

Jenny b. Charlotte Quinn subbing for Becky.

Blackpool blonds b. Cooper & sparx

Hannah b. Holly


2nd half

Notorious BAD b. Ring of Horror

After the match Chris Egan squared up to Simon Valour who was in the crowd and decked him with a glass. Simon was then escorted out of the building. Looks to be building up to Simons comeback.





Dave Rayne pinned DDL

Zack Gibson beat Dave Rayne by DQ when Rayne attacked the ref to get out of the match.

Zack Gibson pinned Danny Hope

Joey Hayes pinned Zack Gibson

Joey Hayes pinned Raynaldo

Jack Gallagher beat Joey Hayes

Jack Gallagher v CJ Banks (& the gauntlet as a whole) was declared a no contest after team Banks attacked Gallagher. Team Gallagher came out and a brawl broke out.

The Gauntlet was declared a no contest after team Banks attacked Jack Gallagher. Team Gallagher then came out and a brawl broke out.

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It was a good match. I see something in bodum I havent seen in anyone on the UK scene for a while. I can see him going a long way. The majority of guys you see coming through from here always seem to have 1 flaw, take jack Gallagher. He has all the talent in the ring but he's a pale ginger kid which unfortunatly will stop some people looking at him as a potential top star, but josh has a good look, confident mannerisms and lots of skill in the ring despite his short time on the scene.

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