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WWE Drinking Game


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Me and a friend recently decided to start watching Raw and Smackdown back-to-back on a weekly basis and also thought to add to the fun by starting a WWE drinking game.


We are gonna try to keep it to announcers/managers/interviewers and leave actual wrestlers out of it

If anyone has anymore suggestions to add to it then please feel free :)



The WWE Drinking Game




Michael Cole quotes:

"What a way to kick off Raw/Smackdown" = 1 swig

"Vintage" = 1 swig

"The fact of the matter is..." = 1 swig

"Currently trending Worldwide" = 1 swig


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Simply watching Smackdown and playing with the words "right here" and "that boy" would get you utterly shit-faced beyond repair for the rest pf the night, thanks to Booker T. If you also used the (sort of) word "Bishness" then you'd get there even faster!

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Myself and a few mates came up with the "Booker T Right here/Right there" drinking game, which is that same as above really, with you only taking shots when booker says those lines....which is a lot.


We might be playing it for mania this year!

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