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ICW: So's Yer MAW! + Screening of Mania at after party!


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ICW: So's Yer MAW!

Sunday 1st April 2012

The Garage, Glasgow City Center


Tickets on sale now at www.InsaneWrestling.co.uk


Already confirmed:











Three Way Tag Match

The S.T.I's W/Sara Vs. The Coffeys Vs. The Bucky Boys W/The Wee Man & Lambrini


Also confirmed: James Scott, Johnny Moss, Sean South, Rob Cage and many more!



With Music from Drive By Audio and Senzafine!


Afterparty screening Wrestlemania LIVE will be in Campus. Just afew doors down from The Garage!

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I'd say James Scott deserves the title shot and the win will just add momentum to that. It's a rematch that everyone will want to see too. However, Johnny Moss getting a shot at a non-Label guy would be interesting. Jack Jester got a fair crack of the whip after getting screwed by the Label first time shot, but he came off the back of two victories. Still, I think he should get a shot while BT Gunn has the gold. It's an interesting scene in the main event.


Iceman's retirement match? I'll believe THAT when I see it. They have a lot to live up to, given that a non-deathmatch just became one of the most violent matches in ICW history. Those four guys can do it though. Havoc in particular is a complete and utter mental. His exchanges with Jester should be incredible.


Love the look of Andy Wild vs. Noam Dar. I'm actually kinda hoping they avoid going into the crowd and keep the whole thing in the ring. If anyone can avoid the short cuts and put on a cracker that involves the crowd the whole way, it's these two guys.


We're seeing the tag division get going right in time for the supposed titles coming in the second half of the year. The Coffeys being included in the STI/Buckys fued has seen a new dimension added to it which has completely lit it up again. It's brilliant to see as well, as all of a sudden, there's a new BIG challenger has been added. Worth noting that a potential team of John "The Bomb" Graham and Christopher could be interesting.

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Just been phoned by Tickets Scotland saying theyve had about 20 people in today looking for tickets. Guys spread the word if you can that tickets are now on sale through our website

www.InsaneWrestling.co.uk instead and theyll be on sale at The Bay in the city center and maybe The Solid Rock aswell in the next few days, they will also be on sale next Sunday at The Big Fat Wrestling Quiz Of The Year 2012 - Hosted By ICW at La Cala Bar. When they go on sale at The Bay I will let everyone know. To buy them NOW on our site just click on Next event on our site and click the link that says buy tickets.


We are no longer selling anything through Ticket Scotland. They kept bumping the booking fee up per ticket and I am very protective of the ICW fans so Ticket Scotland can go fuck themselves. Tickets are on sale now at our site, no booking fee per ticket, no added price for postage when you guy more than one. 1.50 postage is all we will charge regardless of how many you buy. When I say we care about the fans of ICW it isn't just a gimmick, I genuinely have your best intrests at heart.

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Lots of good new stuff added.


The new main event ( yeah, I'd say it is ) is another one of them matches that we have waited a LONG time to see in ICW. Plenty of build for this one during the Gold Label/ICW fued. Wolfgang was a good pick for #1 contender actually, but it seems BT Gunn made the challenge. The match itself should be an absolutely incredible match. Wolfgang has been a total monster, and you KNOW you're going to see at least one crazy thing from him in this one. For a prediction, I think it's Gunn's.


Lionheart vs. Liam Thomson is going to be absolutely top notch. Lionheart has had an incredible time in the last couple of years and has stepped the game up quite a bit IMO making him arguably the top guy in Scotland. Liam Thomson has been solidly up there among the best since I laid eyes on him. I can see the Label fucking this one up for Lionheart and giving Bad Boy the win.


Kid Fite vs. Mikey Whiplash... interesting one. Kid Fite won't be phased by the actions of Whiplash. The mind games being negated should mean this is going to be a pretty straight up match between the two. Or as straight up match as you CAN have with these two guys in ICW.


The show looks fucking brilliant!

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Right predictions.


The good thing about most title matches in ICW is that you have a feeling that it can go either way thanks to the booking. Wolfgang is someone who can easily take the gold and ICW have been bigging up the history between the two men. I still think we're going to get a rematch between BT Gunn and Red Lightning down the line though, so I'm going to have to go with BT Gunn.


The deathmatch is even tougher to predict. Iceman to win his "last" match? Would make sense I suppose, but then again, Jester and Renfrew are two of the big names in ICW. I just don't see them losing this. So with that in mind, I have two predictions. 1) Team ICW will win this match and 2) it's going to be fucking mental.


Andy Wild vs. Noam Dar is actually impossible to predict. Had Lionheart not won the title, I'd have gone for Noam, but that title change completely killed Noam Dar's relentless arse kicking Zero G Title streak. He's still looking good of course. I'd like to see him keep the title and start just pounding people into the canvas again. I'm going Noam.


I suppose Lionheart vs. Liam Thomson depends on shenanigans. The Gold Label have issues with Lionheart probably stronger than any now thanks to him turning his back on them. I'm sure the fact that Liam Thomson gets a win is neither here nor there to them, so they'll happily put one in the win column for Bad Boy. Even with that said though, I can see Lionheart winning, cleanly or despite the Label's best efforts.


James Scott vs. Sean South, on the face of it, doesn't look too hard to predict, and I can't see anything other than a hard fought but clean win for Darkshite.


I reckon The Coffeys will get a big win, to throw a big spanner in the works of the STI/Bucky Boys fued, but I do feel STI BADLY need a big win in the fued. The Bucky Boys have won most of the matches and STI are beginning to look like jobbers.


Christopher will sing a shite song.


Rob Cage will be weird.

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