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Planning a trip to WM29

Jason Mayhem

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Myself and my friend are planning to head out for WM29, (it was gonna be WM30, but it appears that 29 is gonna be in new york, rather than 30)... anywho......


... I am interested in as much info as possible about getting tickets for the event, and especially advise, hints and tips from guys on here that have done the Wrestlemania thing before.


When do the packages go on sale and when do they tend to sell out?

What is included in the packages?

What package would you recommend?

Would it be beneficial to just buy event tickets and then book hotels separately?

Do you have to buy HOF and Axxess tickets separately or can they be included in the package?


All info greatly apprecaited.




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- Travel packages go on sale in the summer. They sold out quickly this year. Tickets for Wrestlemania went on sale in November, tickets for Raw went on sale in December, tickets for Hall Of Fame have just been on sale and Axxess will be at the end of the month.

- What comes with a travel package depends on how much you spend. Google old ones.

- This one's just a silly question. They obviously release different packages to tailor for different needs. Google old ones.

- I'm booking the hotel separately. I wanted to make sure I had one on South Beach and made sure to book it early.

- HOF and Axxess are included in a travel package. Otherwise, you buy them separately.

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Depending on your budget, I recommend either Platinum or Silver travel packages over the Gold ones, unless you're really tall. Platinum will get you close enough to be on TV, whereas Silver will be lower tier seats for WrestleMania itself.


Also, try and get yourself set so you have funds available as soon as travel packages on sale.


Of course, being NYC you might want to book everything separately and go for tickets on their general sale dates, but arranging time to be at a computer each time there's an on sale, and dealing with Ticketmaster repeatedly can be one of the most stressful things...

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I booked mine seperately this year. Turns out cheaper but it's harder to get the 'good' seats. If you want to relax knowing you have good seats I'd advise the platinum package. Otherwise like gadge said you have too make sure u have the pre-sale codes and be as quick as possible on that horribly annoying website ticketmaster. If I were you I'd try and get 4 in your party for the packages as it works out alot cheaper overall.

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