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UKFF Hardcore Championship


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A staple of many a wrestling forum, the 24/7 Hardcore championship has been cruelly neglected on here. Here's the rules, copy and pasted from another site.


The Basics:

Remember the WWF/WWE Hardcore title? Remember when it had the 24/7 rule? Well that's how the UKFF 24/7 Hardcore game is played


How to play:

You hit the current champion with a move, a weapon, or whatever, you just can't kill them, then pin them, 1-2- and then you have to give them 30 minutes to kick out, but with 30 minutes goes by and they don't kick out, then you post the 3 and win, but then you must be alert because you are now open to a 24 hour attack. If, however, the 30 minutes pass and you don't post back with the 3, the champion can still kick out. You only win the title when you post the 3-count after the 30-minute time limit.


Additional Rules:

You may break up a pin that involves two other people to prevent some one from being champion or to cover the current champ you self, however if you break up a pin and cover the champ the 30 minute wait is reset to the time when you pinned him not when the first guy pinned him.


Also, have fun with it, try to use a move or weapon to take a foe down, also get creative and change up the environment that the game is in IE: Public toilet or B&Q. Any place that has hardcore opportunity


The first person to reply is the first UKFF 24/7 Hardcore Champion.


Champions' Roll of Honour:

Leary of Doom - 1 (20/11/01)


Current Reigning Champion: Leary of Doom (20/11/01 - 15:52)

Longest Reigning Champion: Leary of Doom (20/11/01 - 15:52)

Shortest Reigning Champion: Leary of Doom (20/11/01 - 15:52)

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