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NCWA Wrestling Training


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I just want to publicly throw my support behind this. Knowing the trainers and having seen the facilities, I have a really positive feeling about what the NCWA can achieve. Please support us in any way you can.


Oh and if you're interested in getting involved in a non-wrestling capacity. Please also contact us. We're also looking for people who love wrestling but don't want to be wrestlers. We need people to help us publicise the club, promote what we're doing, help get the word out there and get involved. Maybe you can help us get posters up in shops or know people who will want to know about the school. If you feel you can help in any way from website building and promotion to contributing sponsorship and services then we want to hear from you.


Get in touch and help us put the Community in NCWA.


Thanks all


Andy :o)

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As one of the new coaches I'd just like to point out that this school will be a great opportunity in particular for people new to the sport and those just breaking in to shows. Myself, Andy and Matt have had experience around the country for a number of promotions and can provide top coaching to bring people up to that level.

In addition in Johnny Midnight we have an All-Star regular, MacGregor wrestler and has been to WWE tryouts in the past. His experience brings something many other schools don't have.

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