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Chips (Retro games shop)


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Thought this might be the right place to plug it, but retro games store Chips have a Facebook and Twitter now (that I currently run for them).

I know a load of you are interested in games, retro games and general stuff like that so I'll give you the links if you want to follow us or like us, etc.






There's quite a fair amount of just general gaming chat and stuff on there, so don't worry about being constantly spammed with "SALES SALES SALES" or anything. There are online-exclusive offers and deals though that are available for fans of the 2 pages. We also post up photos of rare and unique stuff we have in store. It's a good page for fans of Retro or modern gaming really.


Twitter has really taken off with over 500 followers from all over the world, including regulars from here, the Retro Gamer forums and a bunch of local businesses.

Facebook is slowly on the uprise with over 90 followers. Not as big as Twitter, but still a huge increase from the 30 it started with a little over a month ago.

When we reach 100 on Facebook, we'll be dishing out three

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