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Huge Wrestling Clearout! (SEASON SETS ADDED)


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Hi all,


I'm having a huge clear out for space reasons, and my wrestling stuff is all going!


I have for sale:


Magazines - Hundreds of issues of Power Slam, FSM, WWE Magazine, WWF Raw Magazine, Pro Wrestling Illustrated, The Wrestler, Inside Wrestling. These cover various years spanning from early 1990s to present, all in excellent condition.


Books - All in mint condition, some unread. Many official WWE biographies, ECW press books etc. plus some PWI Almanacs.


Instead of me listing everything, it would probably be easier if people pm me with what in particular they are interested in or looking for and I can let them know what I have. The more people buy, the better price I will give. I'll also work out a shipping cost dependant upon this.


So, if you're interested, PM me :thumbsup:



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List of books for sale:




Bret Hart (Paperback original Canadian edition)

Mick Foley The Hardcore Diaries (Paperback)

Mick Foley Foley is Good (Hardback)

Mick Foley Have a Nice Day (Hardback)

Hulk Hogan (Paperback)

Stone Cold Steve Austin (Paperback)

The Rock (Hardback)

Ric Flair (Paperback)

Shawn Michaels (Paperback)

Eddie Guerrero (Paperback)

Jerry Lawler (Paperback)

Edge (Paperback)

Andre the Giant (Paperback)

Kurt Angle (Paperback)

DX (Paperback)

Rey Mysterio (Hardback)

Batista (Hardback)

Ted Dibiase (Paperback)

William Regal (Hardback)

Chris Jericho Undisputed (Hardback)



ECW Press Books:


Swimming with Piranhas - Howard Brody

History of the NWA - Tim Hornbaker

SLAM Wrestling - Greg Oliver

Wrestling's Greatest Moments - Mike Rickard

World Wrestling Insanity - James Guttman

Wrestling Babylon - Irv Muchnick

Benoit - Irv Muchnick

Pain and Passion: The History of Stampede Wrestling - Heath McCoy



Misc Books:


Mick Foley Scooter

Mick Foley Tietam Brown

Choke Hold - Jim Wilson

Wrestling's 101 Strangest Matches - Oliver Hurley

Pro Wrestling Illustrated Almanac 2008

Pro Wrestling Illustrated Almanac 2009



WWE Annuals:



Divas 2008





WWE Books:


WWE Showdowns

The History of the WWE Championship - Kevin Sullivan

WWE Rumble Road

The Rise and Fall of ECW - Thom Loverro

WWE Unscripted

WWE Encyclopedia


Some of them are brand new unread, the rest are read but in mint condition.


Anyone let me know if they are after any of those and I'll give the best deal I can.



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