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Two excellent radio broadcasts featuring UK wrestling

Victor Is God

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I thought I would draw your attention to two very interesting radio broadcasts discussing the subject of British Wrestling and the challenges it faces from the past seven days.


First of all, last Monday night the BBC Asian Network broadcast a half-hour documentary called "Body Slamming Asians" centred around 'Bollywood Dream' RJ Singh's recent TNA try out. The programme features interviews with Singh, Alex Shane, Robbie Brookside, Jag Chana, Jeff Jarrett, D-Lo Brown and covers a range of topics including the increasing numbers of British Asians entering the UK wrestling business, drugs in wrestling, the fall and potential rise of the UK scene and much more.


You can listen here.






Then last night the FWA's Alex Shane, also current XWA British Heavyweight Champion, appeared on BBC Radio London's Shay and Sunny Saturday evening show as a follow up to the documentary on the BBC Asian Network. Alex talked about the new rise of the UK scene, the BWC system, the FWA's booking philosophy, deaths in wrestling, the Indian wrestling scene, the fall of British Wresting on TV, Leroy Kincade, RJ Singh, Rockstar Spud, next weekend's Lucha Future shows and much more.


You can listen in from the 1.07 mark here



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