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Apple Mac Mini

Smegma Cake

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Honestly? I couldn't tell you right now until I see it working.




That's the new one




That's the one I'm talking about. Wether both of these can have Intel or G4? I honestly don't know I'd need to ask the bloke I'm buying it from.

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Its the G4, then - stuck at 10.4, because of the powerpc architecture. Don't know if that'll be a problem to you, 'pends on what you want to run.


Its not that big of a deal to be honest, it'll be the exact same OS I'm using on my Macbook. The disc drive is the main selling point, plus its a Mac and its 100 quid.


The only reason I'd need a more up to date OS is to play Football Manager but its hardly a big deal :laugh:

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