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KSW Wrestling 28th May In Cannock


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KSW News From Previous Show




On the 23rd of April 2011 the unthinkable happened...

Jim E. Villain turned his back on his Tag team Partner of

over 2 years!

During the Tag Team Turmoil match at Northfield, Climax looked to have had the Tag Team Titles won when Jim E. Villain decided to pull the referee out of the ring to stop the count. Confused Carlos asked The Villain what was goin on and this opened up the opportunity for the Neo Prophecy to steal a win.


After the bout Carlos confronted the Villain who then said he wanted the win to be perfect? The pair shook hands and seemed to have settled their differences only for the Villain to show his true colours and low blow Carlos seemingly spliting the team for good!



** With Jim E. Villain turning on his long term tag partner the Superstar Carlos! In fear of what Carlos will do to him the Villain has had an injunction put on Carlos where Carlos can't come within 10ft of the Him so unfortunately Ksw can not make the grudge match between the former best friends! **



'New' Tag Champions


On the same night that the Neo Prophecy gave up the Tag Belts, they regained them in the form of Damien Black and Sebastian Knight.

The Arch Angel couldn't compete due to an injury so the belts were put up for grabs in the Tag Team Turmoil match in Northfield. However The Arch Angel paired up Sebastian Knight and Damien Black and that brought the Titles back home to the Neo Prophecy...


"My plans always seem to come together and let everyone in KSW be aware of this. The Prophecy that I speak will always come true and we shall Rayne Supreme" - Arch Angel




A Close Call


Tyler Rayne managed to walk out of Northfield still KSW British Champion after being DQ'd in his match against BBD. The call was made due to outside interference by the other members of the Neo Prophecy and obviously this has left BBD very angry. Now the Rebel has a score to settle with Damien Black and Sebastian Knight!


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** 1st match announced Team Amazing Love Vs Maddog Maxx & Tom Mason **


** 2nd match announced. Aussie Monster Franco Vs Stevo Stevens **


** 3rd match announced. Chris Boggz Vs Rigour Mortis **


** 4th Match Announced. BBD Vs Sebastian Knight and Damian Black in a handicap match **


At Edward Street Club in Cannock on 28th May 2011 Book your Tickets now or Buy them from the Venue


More Matches To Be Announced Soon :)

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Haven't been to a K-Star show since they was a Kingstading a few years back , and they were good then in my opinion but i think what they could do with is some fresh faces , but they have done that recently with Mad Dog Maxx and Tom Mason some more and this promotion could be alot better

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Current Line up for 28th May Edward St Club Cannock -

*Franco Vs Stevo Stevens

*Chris Boggz Vs Rigour Mortis

*Maddog Max & Tom Mason Vs Team Amazing Love

*Carlos Vs Connor Marshall

*BBD Vs Neo Prophecy

BUY TICKETS NOW from the Venue just

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