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SVR General Question


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Hi Guys,


I've realised I don't use the divas in any of the SVR games.. Do any of you actually use the divas?


In SvsR2011 i do for sure.. Ive got Smackdown as my fantasy brand and Raw is home to all the WWE roster. My Smackdown divas division i play reguarly..


- Angelina Love

- Velvet Skye

- Madison Rayne

- Mickie James

- Cheerleader Melissa

- MsChif


Originally i had Smackdown as a TNA roster, hence all the TNA divas, but i just didnt enjoy it lol. So i branched out and added a bunch of stars from Japan, Mexico, Original ECW and other places. Ill likely swap out the Beautiful People for Bull Nakano and Akira Hokuto once i find some caws i like..

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