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WAW North Walsham 10th April


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Quick Results Credit JetsetJim WAWFF

Match 1 - TJ Daniels (subbing for an injured Sam Knee) Bt Scott Fusion

After Distraction By the Injured Sam Knee


Match 2- Lynch and Wild The Metalheads Bt James "Milky" o Hagan and Kip Sabin


Match 3- Solomon Bt Ricky Knight 2 falls to 1

Fall 1- Solomon- Submission

Fall 2- Ricky Knight-Pin

Fall 3- Solomon- Pin

Solomon picked up the win after Knight had a fall disallowed for punching referee Joe Penney when a member of the crowd pointed this Out. Solomon then challenged Knight to a match for his HEW Title at a further date which will be fought under submission only rules (thanks to the lad who shouted that out in the crowd who was sitting behind me) to which Knight accepted as he says he did not tap for the first fall.


Match 4- Alex Young Bt DKJ


Match 5- Destiny Bt Liberty


Main Event- The Hooligans Bt Waylond Knox and Marco Marinelli 2 falls to 1

Fall 1- The Hooligans

Fall 2- Knox and Marenelli

Fall 3-The Hooligans

After the match it was announced that it will be team WAW vs a team made up by Tommy Lee at the show at Wymonham



DKJ showed he was just as capiable in singles matches as he is when teaming with Jet Logan in London Inc. and yes DKJ you were cheated out of the win!

Liberty Improves everytime I see her Compete.

TJ Daniels Put in a very good showing against his slightly bigger opponent.

Crowd was down on the last few at NW but was still very vocal

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