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Freddy Krueger deluxe latex mask

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Afternoon folks,


Bit off season for this sort of stuff but having a flit through all my stuff and having a mini clear out of some of my horror memorabilia. Thinking of selling one of my Freddy masks. This is made by David Miller who did the make-up and masks on the original film and a couple more later on in the series. It's based on the style of Freddy from the 'New Nightmare' film; all the masks were slightly different in the first five films but this one was pretty major overhaul.


It's a proper job, not something you'd find in the shops or for halloween and was made to order for me about 18 months ago. Only worn for Halloween last year and scaring the the DHL delivery man a couple of times when i was off work long term sick !! Cost about $170 at the time once it came over and past customs would be looking to try and get

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