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WAW Academy Results FULL REPORT


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Eight man team elimination match :

The team of Brad(it's on the ass of my shorts)Slayer, Kip Sabin, Stan (it's on the front of my shirt) and Micky Lynch beat the team of Scott Fusion, Chuck Cyrus, Wayland Knox and Dave (The Raging Dragon) Daniels.


Jet Logan made Milky O'Hagen submit to take the decision


In mixed tag, Alex Young and Liberty faced Gorgan and Britani (with Tommy Lee). Alex pinned Gorgan for the win, following interference from Solomon.


Sam Knee took the pin over Solomon following reciprocal interference from Gorgan and Tommy Lee.


Emilio Eccellente (ICW) and Marco Marinelli faced Bud and Bex in the Main Event, which ended up as another stand off between Ricky Knight + WAW and Karl Kramer, this time supported by the ICW team after an incident packed match which saw neither team taking the official decision.


Doors opened at 6pm closed at 6-10 with full house signs going up.



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ere it is. The first of what is likely to be two reviews, this one from the "apprentice" to the throne


WAWA - 3rd April 2011


The show opened with Michael Mann informing the crowd of the "first come, first served" rules for future shows, where once the room fills nobody extra shall be allowed in, no matter how long-term they have been attending.


With the crowd expectant we kicked off with an 8 man elimination tag match. This saw Scott Fusion, "Raging Dragon" Dave Daniels (who didn't seem very "raging" except for a short sequence of clotheslines) and Wayland Knox take on Brad Slayer, Kip Sabin, Stan (Joe Williams trophy winner of the month) and Mickey Lynch. The match was very much what could be expected from this sort of contest, with Fusion and co using every opportunity to gang up on their opponents. The order of elimination was:

Eliminated - eliminated by (move/notes)

Daniels - Stan (RKO)

Stan - Knox (Backbreaker/Suplex combo)

Lynch - Fusion (Backbreaker/Reverse STO combination)

Knox - DQ by grabing referee

Sabin - Cyrus (F5)

Cyrus - Slayer (Firemans carry to double knee gutbuster)

The end came when Brad Slayer rolled up Scott Fusion after a mis-cue between Fusion and Cyrus. Fusion looked visably annoyed at the result.


The second contest saw Jet Logan take on the "Clown Prince of British Wrestling" (a promotion from his previous "of WAW" status) James 'Milky' O'Hagen. Jet was met by "where's your boyfriend" chants due to the obvious lack of DKJ. This seemed to fire him on more as he laid into Milky, who seemed to be playing down his humerous side in favour of some more serious wrestling. The end came when Milky looked for a second sunset flip over the top rope, which was reversed by Jet into a ropehung DDT. Capatalising, Jet locked in a bow and arrow style submission to which Milky quickly submitted. Logan slapped the fallen Milky, and asked him if he still loved his job. It may have been a step to far by the angered Logan, who showed tonight that he could be a singles threat if he desired.


The last match before the interval was a mixed tag match. First out was the Gorgan and Britani Knight, accompanied by the ever-mouthy Tommy Lee. Gorgan looked particularly agressive tonight, going as far as raising a fist at referee Joe Penny many times throughout the match. Their opponents were U23 Champ Alex Young and Liberty. Britani and Gorgan seemed dominant throughout, with the crowd vocally trying to encourage Young and Liberty. After plenty of trying, Young finally got Gorgan on the mat and went for a top-rope move. Britani pushed the ref from behind, firing him clear out of the ring at crotching Young on the top. Gorgan rose and went to attack Young, but turned straight into a Solomon boot. After a splash Young scored the winning fall.


Our fourth contest was Sam Knee vs Solomon. I personally was torn as to who to support, as it seems were many others in the venue. The two locked up and in the struggle ended up breaking the ring and going over (well, through) the top rope. Both men rose to their feet seemingly unharmed and a short break was called while members of ring-crew fixed the damage.

Under instruction of Sweet Saraya the match was re-started from scratch. In a test of strength the two seemed unseparable. It was a fairly traditional heavyweight contest with the two exchanging holds and hits. With seemingly half the audience supporting each way both men gave it their all, causing them both to end up flat on their backs. As Tommy Lee distracted the referee Gorgan got his revenge with a boot of his own to Solomon, alowing Sam Knee to get the fall. The crowd went into a frenzy (seemingly forgetting Solomon had done the same not half hour before). Solomon got on the mic and said how he wants Gorgan one on one, praised the academy and congratulated Sam on what may have been his favourite match in a while.


The main event was a tag contest, and first out was Marco Marinelli and Emillio Excellente accompanied by members of the ICW roster. Various anti-ICW/pro-WAW chants broke out, and were quickly replaced by the familiar barking when the music of the Hooligans played. Carrying their trademark cans of alcoholic beverage Bud and Bex whipped the crowd into the usual frenzy. You have to feel some sympathy to the guest foreign referee, having to not only cope with a slight language barrier, but also the troublemaking of the hooligans. Luckily the canvas was safer tonight, as the alcohol was gone before the match even started.

For a large part of the match the two Italians (with the help of their ringside assistants) worked on Bud. When the Hooligans finally got control they looked to have the match won with a suplex and top rope headbutt on Marco. The ref counted 1...2......


His hand never fell for 3.


Rising to his feet, the referee pulled off his officials shirt to reveal an ICW top. It's at this point that all hell broke loose, with Bud and Bex taking out the referee, only to be blindsided by ICW. The locker room emptied as WAW came out and a brawl erupted between the two sides. Karl Kramer called the ICW guys to himself as Ricky Knight joined WAW in the ring. In an intense showdown, Karl announced that the paymaster will be at Wymondham on the 23rd to reveal not only their identity, but also their motives. Ricky said he will be there to have a face off with this mysterious person, and that he also wants Karl one on one. Chants of "now now now" broke out as the fans wished to see the two men finally fight, however Kramer and ICW walked way.



Courtesy of Thrax WAWFF

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