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What Film Poster/Ad/Trailer made you feel ripped off?


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OK, so what films have you gone into thinking one thing, to have them turn out to be something completely different?


Doesn't mean the end product has to be naff, just not what it said on the tin.


Yes this is a rant, based on 2 recent examples.


2 Examples:


River Of Darkness, with mentioned gold medal winner. Natty cover with explosions etc on the front, turns out to be the worst kind of dross ever put on film. Was there any action in the wole thing?


Cyrus. John C Reilly, Check. Jonah hill, Check. Poster claiming a Roling Stone reporter found it to be 'Killer Funny', Check. Rip roaring comedy, Che.....er no soppy Drama more like with a couple of one liners in there. Step Brothers it was not.



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