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3CW Fighters Destiny 2011


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3CW makes its return to The Hambleton Forum in Northallerton presenting Fighters Destiny 2011! as we make our final stop before the 7th Anniversary Show.


We are proud to announce that "The Artist Formerly Known As Prince..." Mohmed Ameen will make his first defence of the newly won 3CW North East Championship, or as the 3 Count Mafia would have it, the 3CW Young Lions Championship, at Fighters Destiny. His opponent is one of the leading lights of the Three Count Mafia (3CM) and a man who Ameen has a storied past with, the challenger will be Dragon Aisu. The last time the two clashed things did not end well for Ameen, as the then Prince was unexpectedly challenged by a returning Aisu at Darkest Deeds in 2008 in a match that saw Aisu dethrone the long-reigning Prince of the very Championship for which he now challenges in short order. Ameen became obsessed with regaining his Championship, and at the Fifth Anniversary Show this obsession ultimately cost him his fortune. The match was set - Championship Vs Ameen's Fortune, and it was Aisu who came out on top leading Ameen down a dark path of misery, as he had to scrape his way back up the ladder, actually begging at 3CW shows, working for a pizza delivery company and eventually finding employment with his current Tag Team Partner and boss, "Mr 3CW" Cameron Kraze. In recent times though both men have seen a change in attitudes with Aisu now leading the unstoppable 3CM who are growing in strength and numbers, while Ameen has indeed worked his way back up from the bottom under the guidance of Cameron Kraze as the duo became 3CW Tag Team Champions. Over the past few months he has been receiving positive reactions from the crowd as he campaigned for the 'Team Cameron Kraze' team name to become Crazy Horses, and with a new positive attitude it makes for a whole different match up this time round. The facts remain, however, that Ameen's record against Aisu is NOT good - he has NEVER beaten Aisu in singles competition. With Mohmed Ameen being as truely happy as he has ever been inside a 3CW ring, can he break his hoodoo and retain his precious Championship? Could the gold find its way back into the clutches of the 3 Count Mafia? Find out at the Forum!


In a return match from Free For All VIII, Lewis 'The Dragon' Chambers gets another shot at 3CM's Stevie Lynn. The first meeting was interupted by Mafia leader Dragon Aisu who caused Chambers the defeat in the match and gave the advantage to 3CM in the Free For All Rumble match. Chambers had entered a strong performance to that point against the former 3CW Champion - and while the Dragon is most certainly setting his sights on Aisu, he will be looking to gain a measure of revenge and notch an important victory in Northallerton!


Two former 3CW Champions will face off in a match as both are looking to get back into Championship contention, Lance Thunder will take on fan favourite Darkside. Both men have been favourites with 3CW crowds in their time but with Thunder firmly focussed on potential championship glory it seems all morals are out of the window. After a losing effort against Kris Travis last time Thunder will certainly be looking to score a victory here, while Darkside will take a break from butting heads with the 3 Count Mafia to attempt to resurrect his Championship hopes!


Also on the show will be the annoying but entertaining duo of 'American Idol' Iain Robinson and his agent Simon G. Money, Robinson will take on Kris Travis, who made a succesful return to 3CW action at Free For All VIII. Travis, hearing crowd support for the first time in 3CW, is certainly on a roll after defeating Lance Thunder and he steps into a first-time-ever singles encounter here looking to continue that run. Say what you will about Robinson's antics, his performances have been nothing short of phenomenal since his 3CW debut last year, and this one could most certainly steal the show!


You can also see the impressive youngster 'Pitbull' Andy Swan, as he will take on the experienced and well travelled 'Seconds Out' Tony Spitfire who makes his return to 3CW.


Also in singles action will be the former 3CW North East and 3CW Tag Team Champion, "Mr 50/50" Dan Evans. Not content with the utter chaos he wreaked in Northallerton last time out, Evans will return this time with a lot more back up looking to let loose once again! Who will try the odds?!




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Quick Results


Mohmed Ameen was attacked by the 3 Count Mafia (Dragon Aisu, 'Mr 50/50' Dan Evans, 'Unbreakable' Stevie Lynn and Vincent White), they trapped his arm in a chair and tried to break it, luckily he was saved by Lewis 'The Dragon' Chambers, 'Pitbull' Andy Swan and Stuart Woods, but the damage had been done to Ameen's arm.


3CM (Dan Evans, Stevie Lynn & Vincent White) defeated. 3CW (Lewis Chambers, Andy Swan & Stuart Woods) in a over the top rope elimination six man tag...

Woods eliminated White

Evans eliminated Woods

Evans and Lynn eliminated Swan

Chambers eliminated Lynn

Evans eliminated Chambers


Mad Dog Myers made his singles debut, defeating Dan Evans, who had laid out a post six man "Golden Gamble" challenge to anyone in the locker room


Kris Travis defeated Iain Robinson w/ Simon G. Money


Lance Thunder beat Darkside


Britain's Most Wanted (Scott Renwick & Damien O'Connor) defeated Andy O'Sullivan & Chris Hawk


Mohmed Ameen beat Dragon Aisu to retain the 3CW North East Championship, before the finish the referee was knocked down and the 3CM came out to attack the already injured Mohmed Ameen, they were soon chased off by Andy Swan, Stuart Woods and Mad Dog, leading to Ameen getting the victory.

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While friends of mine were over in Atlanta, sampling WrestleMania XVII, Hall of Fame, ROH, Dragon Gate:USA and more this past weekend, I took the 5 minute walk from my front door to take in 3CW "Fighters Destiny 2011" in my hometown of Northallerton.


Without really realising it, it had been almost exactly 6 months since I'd last made it to a 3CW show, which is a shame considering it's my local promotion and I somehow manage to make it to regular shows as far away as Wigan and Sittingbourne. Indeed, "Darkest Deeds" on 1st October was the last event I attended and had even missed two of their main Billingham events in that time. So, I was actually left quite unaware of exactly what the current storylines, feuds etc were in the promotion. While the couple of Northallerton shows a year don't really feature much in the way of storyline progression (they are 25-30 miles away from their usual Teesside home, so it's a different audience, and the shows aren't filmed), there has been some absolute corking matches held here by the promotion previously (thinking specifically of a couple of Damned Nation vs. 3CW tag main events a few years ago). Their shows over the ast year or so have been a mixed bag. They continue to use some top talents and put on decent matches, but they equally have relied on a lot of their own trainees who, in recent times, have been complete gash and not ready to be presented as a serious part of a card to a paying audience.


Anyway, before even making it to the show, I'd heard that "the wrestlers" had been causing havoc in the town all afternoon, playing rugby down an arcade, laying in the middle of roads and losing their ball on the top of Ladbrokes roof. How do I know this? They'd been playing outside my girlfriend's mum's hairdressing salon, and she'd told me that she'd told someone called "Lee Evans" that she hoped he played wrestling better than he played rugby after he pointed himself out on the poster in her shop window.


Thankfully, and usefully, for those of us not familar with recent happenings, part of "Sweet" Stevie Aaron's opening introductions when the show started bang on time was a simple and basic explanation of the current main 3CW storyline for this new audience, setting out the context of what they were about to see tonight. Really good idea, that came across really well, and instantly made the show seems more than a collection of one-off matches and made the fans a better understanding of why these guys were fighting each other and why it matters who wins and loses.


Basically, over the last 6 months, they have been running a storyline where 3CW has been under attack from an invading force trying to take over, with the 3CW roster fighting to keep them at bay. The invaders are known as the 3 Count Mafia (the 'W' in 3CW turned upside down to make an 'M' and, yes, before you ask, they did do it months before The Miz) and are made up of the older and former homegrown 3CW stars who have come back to try to reclaim the promotion from the younger wrestlers who now make up the majority of the roster. The simple explanation made it easy for this crowd to understand - it's basically the Nexus storyline from WWE that most of the 130-140 in attendance would be familiar with (except the the invaders are the older guys, rather than the rookies) and, taking it further, what virtually every major wrestling promotion has run in the last year (TNA with EV2.0, CMLL with Los Invasores and AAA vs. Perros del Mal).


Aaron explained that the night's main event was set to be a 3 vs. 3, 3CW vs. 3CM, "Survivor Series" elimination tag match, with "Royal Rumble" over-the-top rules. To further embed this storyline and context into the audience's mind for the night, the show started with 3CW North-East Champion Mohmed Ameen coming down to the ring for a WWE Raw-style opening promo spot.


This wasn't explained here (it didn't need to for the purposes of this Northallerton show) Ameen is also one half of the tag champions with Cameron Kraze in Team Cameron Kraze. Kraze is still a heel, but Ameen has turned babyface with his comedic attempts to come up with new names for their team, specifically the "Krazy Horses", and convince his idol Cameron to agree. As such, they have a bit of an odd-couple team going on. Cameron was not here tonight, however (he was presumably on the DPW show that fellow 3CW regulars El Ligero and Martin Kirby were also at), so Ameen stood alone, presented as the top babyface star for the night.


After coming down to Cra-zy Hors-es (Waaaaaaaa), Mohmed explained that when he turned up at the venue tonight, he found his dressing room had been trashed by the 3 Count Mafia and they had stolen his championship title belt. This brought out Dragon Aisu, Dan Evans, Vincent White and Stevie Lynn of 3CM, who gave Mo a Nexus-style 4-on-1 gang beating. Again, easy for the audience to understand and relate to and giving some meaning and understanding for the rest of the night by establishing the Mafia as the unstoppable bad guys for the rest fo the night. They all hit their big moves and then smashed Mo's arm up with a chair they grabbed from outside. This was all really, really well done and the fans ate it up. Real neat start to the show.


Mo was eventually saved by 3CW youngsters Andy Swan, Stuart Woods and Lewis Chambers. Oh, what a formidable team this, 3CW's supposed front line, was. While 3CM looked all mean and cool in their black gear and coats, 3CW's finest looked like awkward and nervous little boys. The challenge was made to bring the night's main vent forward to RIGHT NOW, and it was on.


Funny story: Woods' regular tag partner Nick Balls has apparently been dumped by 3CW after he won the North-East Championship but then refused to show up at any 3CW event that he was booked to lose the belt on. What an ego we have in grizzled 1-year veteran Balls, refusing to job for a minor title in a make-believe world....


Over-the-Top Rope Elimination Tag Match

Stuart Woods, Andy Swan and "Dragon" Lewis Chambers vs. 3 Count Mafia ("Unbreakable" Stevie Lynn, "Mr 50-50" Dan Evans & Vincent White)

Rookies Woods and Swan (who I shall henceforth refer to as "Ghetto Booty", since he has a weird physique with a booty that looks like it waddled straight out of the projects. Mmmmm hmmmm) have been a part of 3CW shows for over a year now, but don't seem to be showing any signs of improvement. They still look awkward, unconvincing, and hesitant with weak offence and a distinct lack of presence, confidence or charisma. The match wasn't as bad as it could have been, though, since they were in with decent, more experienced wrestlers who knew what they were doing. Chambers, originally from up at IWF, is much better and shows plenty of promise. I've said it before, but his ring-style, mannerisms, timing and even appearance to some extent are eerily reminiscent of another former IWF standout, who has since gone on to appear all over the world (including on the previously mentioned Dragon Gate USA show this exact same day, a few thousand miles away in Atlanta). It spoke volumes that Chambers was the only one of the babyface team that this audience was into in any way, and left entirely unconvinced by his partners.

Woods eliminated White fairly early, but was next out himself when he was tossed by Evans. 3CM then teamed up to eliminate Ghetto Booty, leaving fans' favourite Lewis Chambers alone against two foes. "Dragon" did manage to get Lynn out of there, but "Unbreakable" got his revenge when he illegally assisted Evans from the floor to eliminate Chambers and leave 3CM's Dan Evans the sole survivor. Not a brilliant match, but not an awful one either.


Post-match, Evans sticks around while his partners depart, saying that the previous match was just too easy for him and he wants more of a test. He issues an open challenge to anyone backstage. Oh christ, it was answered by the fat one that was either Michael Wentz or Jordan Way from useless tag team The Lost. Stevie Aaron introduces us to the man now known as "MAD DOG MYERS".


"Mr 50-50" Dan Evans vs. Mad Dog Myers

As mentioned, original ShitArse50 entrant Myers was one half of utterly craptacular emo tag team The Lost, that single-handedly killed any credibilty that 3CW's tag team division had when the promotion decided to put it's tag belt on them a few years ago. Now it has been realised and recognised that The Lost were crap, are crap and will always be crap, they've split them up to come up with new singles gimmicks. Apparently, it seems the best they can do for this guy is MAD DOG MYERS, who still looks exactly the same, acts exactly the same and wrestles exactly the same, but now he BARKS. Like a DOG, see? Winning. Except that his weak-ass, high-pitched "BARKS" came across sounding more like sex groans. A gimmick the kids can get into? Maybe, if it was delivered with any kind of conviction, style or presence. Instead, most here were laughing at the stupid-looking fat kid making ridiculous noises like he was some kind of spacker. Hide your kids, hide you wife, 3CW has a new babyface "star".

Oh, and what an epic, epic struggle they had. Evans tried hard, but he was up against it here. Myers had the same gormless look on his face regardless of wheter he was selling or on offence, killing any credibility in the match. At one point, Evans locked the MAD DOG in a sharpshooter or cloverleaf, and Myers started slapping his hand on the mat. The entire crowd, conditioned since 1997 to think that slapping the mat while trapped in a submission equals a tapout/submission, thought that the bout was over, and then couldn't understand why it still seemed to be going on. You see, it seemed Myers wasn't tapping out, but actually trying to start an audience clap to start his comeback. This only became apparent when he gave up on that tactic and instead tried to start his own bark/sex grunt (delete as appropriate) chant. So, he went on to complete one of the most hidious comebacks ever seen in a wrestling ring and actually scored the pin over Evans. The entire aura of the unstoppable invading heel force establshed by the opening angle and 6-man tag was, just like that, destroyed. Way to go.


"Shooting Star" Kris Travis vs. "American Idol" Iain Robinson (with Simon G Money)

This, the 3rd match on the card, was actually the first to take place between two guys who looked something like legitimate athletes. Both talented guys, they effortlessly got their clear babyface and heel personas over to the crowd in a way that Woods, Ghetto Booty and Myers had failed spectacularly to, with simple, basic actions delivered with confidence and conviction. Easily attracted fan interest in the match. A basic back-and-forth match, but one which was executed well with good timing and audience awareness. As such, they put on a real good, enjoyable match to send the show into the interval. In his return to 3CW, Travis is now a babyface. I don't think I've ever personally seen Travis play this role before (though am aware that he has), but he does it better than I would have thought given his always-convincing performances as a cocky baddie. Robinson is approximately 153,829x better than when I used to watch him as a crappy, skinny kid for WZW years ago, having developed into a good, talented and enjoyable performer. Early in the bout, a 10-year old kid sat in the front row announced that Robinson's agent Simon G Money "looks like Heather from Eastenders". Brilliant. And true. Cue the crowd giving Money shit for the rest of the match. Travis got the win after hitting Robinson with a Rock Bottom. The bout got a decent length of time and it really worked. I liked this one.


Interval time, and fans could get photos taken in the ring with Kris Travis. Plenty of interest in it actually, and much more than when I saw "ROH, CZW, DGUSA and EVOLVE superstars" Kyle O'Reilly and Adam Cole sell about 3 photos at a recent IPW:UK Sittingbourne show. Best moment was when a "disabled" older gentleman proceded to, well, ATTACK Travis after his photo, grabbing a headlock, wrestling him to the ground, refusing to let him up, and then celebrating his victory in the ring. He got a good old cheer for that one. FANTASTIC. I fucking love pro wrestling.


I'll be back soon with my review of the 2nd half, including a really good Lance Thunder vs. Darkside match, a tag bout and the main event.

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Probably a bit late, but:




Darkside vs. Lance Thunder

Second half started with two solid, dependable performers facing off in what should always be a good bout...and they didn't disappoint. Much like the Travis vs. Robinson match that preceded it, they established a simple story of one guy to cheer and one guy to boo based on what they did in the ring, and worked it in such a way you couldn't help but get into it and enjoy it. Started off with Thunder stalling...and stalling...and stalling...and stalling, just refusing to lock up with Darkside. This went on for AGES, but worked a treat in that people were so into it that they didn't lose interest, become bored or turn on it, but instead all the heat was directed to the heel, as it should be. Due to these shenanigans, a id at the back came up with the name "Pubeless Chicken" for Tunder, which quickly caught on into a damn funny chanted. Of course, when Darkside did finally get his hands on Thunder, people went nuts. In a 'vintage' Darkside moment, he called upon every kid in the building to help him pull Thunder's legs around the ring post, to which they enthusiastically obliged. Ending came when the referee was turned and the Pubeless Chicken hit a MASSIVE PUNT TO THE STONES, leading to an easy pinfall. Darkside, and the entire audience, protested for ages to the referee afterwards, but nothing was a-doing. Another good match, really fun and enjoyable entertainment.


Britain's Most Wanted (Scott Renwick & Damien O'Connor) vs. Team SKIP (Chris Hawk & Andy O'Sullivan

BMW entered to the fantastic Red Hot Chili Pipers' bagpipe version of Voodoo Chile, which I believe I've only ever seen them do at TXW before. Brilliant. What with the bagpipe music and the fact they were wearing kilts, they instantly drew MASSIVE heat as soon as they appeared through the curtain beore the audience knew anything about them. Which was the idea. And it worked. A treat. In light of this, and the fact that Stevie Aaron then went on to explain that this match was England vs. Scotland, BMW's opponents could have been Harold Shipman and Rose West and they'd still have been cheered. Probably. Their opponents weren't serial killers, though, they were Chris Hawk and Andy O'Sullivan, two guys who were new to me and were products of 3CW's training school. I worked out that Chris Hawk was the guy with a picture of a hawk on his trousers. Clever me.


I should probably mention that Team SKIP isn't their official name, but rather one I came up with for my own (and possibly others') amusement. You see, Hawk and O'Sullivan are both skinny guys. As in, REALLY skinny guys. I could imagine telethon appeals being set up just to feed them. Ironic, really, since this show was held in the very same building where former Toryumon and Pro Wrestling NOAH wrestler SUWA had cut his infamous "skinny guys" promo on British wrestling way back in 2006. In addition, they both wear these really horrible-looking pleather trousers. So, we have the Skinny Kids In Pleather, Team SKIP. I don't think anybody could ever take them seriously as any kind of threat in a physical encounter but, ridiculous appearance aside, I was more than willing to give them a chance. In the fairest and nicest possible way, however, it quickly became clear that they aren't ready to be put on shows in front of a paying audience. Neither of them exuded any personality or character at all during their performance and failed to engage with the crowd in any way. As such, it became clear that they weren't able to maintain most of the audience's initial interest in them, since they weren't able to create a connection with anything they did in the ring. While BMW were beating on them, for instance, their plight was met with apathy and disinterest. Another example was when they both hit a series of really pointless dives onto BMW on the floor early on in the match, only to be met by nothing but silence since they hadn't built up to the moves or made them mean anything in what the fans were seeing. Renwick and O'Connor tried hitting some of their trademark neat, smooth, intricate double-team sequences but, as I've noted before, the small nature of 3CW's ring really hampered them. Not even sure why they keep trying, it isn't going to be possible to make those sequences look effective within those dimensions. SKIP#1 made the hot tag to SKIP#2 and a really sloppy, awkward and unconvincing comeback began. Finally, BMW hit one of the SKIPs with really cool (and nasty) -looking simultaneous superkicks for the win. Not a complete disaster of a match, but I'd be lying if I said it was any good.


3CW North East Championship

Mohmed Ameen vs. Dragon Aisu

One cool part of the 3CW vs. 3CM storyline for those who have been following the promotion over the years is that 3CM, made up of returning ex-3CW stars, insist on referring to the 3CW North East Championship as the Young Lions Title, which was the name of the championship back when the 3CM wrestlers were enjoying their glory days in the promotion. With fans already having somewhat of a genuine interest in this match due to the night's opening angle, you could tell right away that the audience was more legitimately into this situation than anything else on the card, including the really good Travis-Robinson and Darkside-Thunder matches earlier on. Aisu was out first, scaring the crap out of kids and chasing people away as only he can. While fans had enjoyed teasing and winding up the heels throughout the show, it became apparent that they knew not to mess with this man and let Ameen do their fighting for them. Ameen, however, failed to show when his music hit, presumably still hurting from the attack earlier. They played the music again, and no Ameen. Aisu took the mic and requested the match and title be handed to him via forfeit. On the thrid time of asking, the injured Ameen did appear, clutching his arm from the beating earlier. Of course, Aisu focused on the arm for the duration of the match, giving Mohmed an extended beating which lasted for AGES. This all worked to perfection, drawing in the fans to the action completely, desperately willing their hero to get back into it. "MO! MO! MO!" they chanted. I chuckled, remembering that episode of The Simpsons.


As the match wore on, the 3CM invaders ran out to help Aisu, again drawing huge heat. They were run off by the 3CW babyfaces, however, to a massive cheer. The fans were really into this gang warfare idea and the visual of a big group of wrestlers scrapping with each other all over the building was a cool one. With the referee distrated, Aisu clonked Ameen with the ring bell for what everyone bought as the finish, but Ameen incredibly kicked out. Ameen hit his Pedigree finisher, but this time Aisu kicked out, again to mass disbelief. Ameen then went on to hit another 2 Pedigrees to finally earn the 3-count and retain his belt....well, title, since the actual belt is nowhere to be seen.


A really worthy main event, full of drama, twists and turns. Really enjoyed it.


3CW annoucned an October return to Northallerton, but also advertised throughout the show that their Anniversary Show takes place just up the road in Billingham in a few weeks time. I should think I'll be there. While the MAD DOG vs. Evans and BMW vs. Team SKIP bouts were attrocious and the opening 6-man bout had a few dodgy elements, the Travis vs. Robinson, Darkside vs. Thunder and Ameen vs. Aisu matches more than made up for them and delivered in spades. Indeed, they were of a very high quality which would rightfully be praised anywhere. Overall, a very enjoyable way to spend an evening.

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