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Pro-Wrestling:EVE DVDs


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If you want to be on the receiving end of Pro-Wrestling:EVE news bulletins & press releases the please send an email to info@EVEwrestling.com to get on The List~!


Additionally if you would like to receive flyers through the post advertising up and coming EVE events and DVD releases please include your name and address.

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Not buying it then cause it sounds shit!



You'll be missing out on some good wrestling though!


The first two shows have been great. The production value and the matches keep getting better.


Give it a chance.


Oh I've seen the girls before and some are really good, I just think it would be a lot better with Melanie Price on there, she's the best up and comer in the UK today, a WWE diva in waiting for sure, Dann Reed really dropped a giant bollock by letting her go! Melanie Price vs Brytni Knight (or however you spell it) handelled correctly could have really drawn, but that's not Reeds style it it?

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