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HEW Presents Living On A Prayer 7 - The 7th Anniversary

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  • 3 weeks later...

matches announced for nights 1 and 2.


Night 1 - rematch from the very first Living On A Prayer - for the HEW Championship : Rowdy Ricky Knight defends his belt against The Man formally known as Bash ... all together now ... SOLOMON!


Night 2 - The charismatic King Of The Raffle Delicious Danny Blaze will take on the near 30 stone Barbarian Karl Kramer.

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Full card for night 1 at Harlow Greyhound Stadium :


Streetfight for the HEW Tag Team Championship - The Devil's Playboys defend against The Football Hooligans.


Chance of a lifetime challenge - the winner of the pinfall gets a shot at the HEW Championship against Ricky Knight on the same night

TJ Daniels, Brad Slayer and Alex Young vs. Marco Marinelli, Scott Fusion and Chuck Cyrus.


HEW Championship: Rowdy Ricky Knight defends his belt against the winner of the match above.


HEW Womens Championship: Sweet Saraya defends against her daughter Britani Knight for the final time, if Britani loses no more shots at the title!


The Barbarian Karl Kramer vs. Angle of Doom.


The Artic Warrior Aron Frost vs. James Mason.

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Brief Harlow results:


- Aron Frost defeated James Mason

- Britani defeated Sweet Saraya to win HEW Women's Championship

- Brad Slayer got the winning fall to be #1 contender for HEW title pinning Marco Marinelli

- Ricky Knight w/ Sweet Saraya defeated Brad Slayer to retain HEW Championship

- Karl Krammer defeated Angel of Doom

- The Hooligans defeated Devils Playboys to win HEW Tag Team Championships

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results from night 2 at the Takeley Jubilee Hall:


The Devils Playboys came out at the beginning of the show and demanded a rematch against The Hooligans claiming they had been robbed of their tag team titles, since Commissioner Cox was Ill at home Sam Knee made the match official.


The Arctic Warrior Aron Frost beat Jonny Storm.


Britani Knight retained her HEW Womens Championship against Amazon.


Brad Slayer beat Chuck Cyrus.


before the tag title match Hooligan Bex came out drunk obviously celebrating there tag title win the night before and Bud was nowhere to be seen after a phone conversation with his brother it was revealed that Rowdy Ricky Knight would take the place of the absent Hooligan Bud.


The Devils Playboys defeated the team of Hooligan Bex and Rowdy Ricky Knight with manager Sweet Saraya only to find out they hadn't won the tag titles because in the contract they had to beat the team of Bud and Bex, which they did not do, the rivalry of these two tag teams is certainly not over.


The Barbarian Karl Kramer beat Delicious Danny Blaze with his top rope splash, after the match the beatdown continued which Rowdy Ricky Knight joined in, then The Devils Playboys made the save challenges ensued and the match was set up for April 30th at The Takeley Silver Jubilee Hall : Karl Kramer and Ricky Knight vs. The Devils Playboys!

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results from Canvey,


Brett Meadows bt Aron Frost


Wayland Knox w/Sweet Saraya bt Sam Knee after outside interference from Saraya


Steve Qunitain bt Marco Marinelli 2-1 in 6 in a 6x3 minute best of 3 falls contest


Chuck Cyrus bt Brad Slayer.


Britani Knight bt Sweet Saraya


Bud n Bex bt Karl Kramer/Rick Knight 2 falls to one in best of 3 falls tag challenge.



Mal Mason

Mike Mann



Steve Lynskey.

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