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FutureShock 49 - Stockport Guildhall Sunday Feb 27th

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Welcome to the first FutureShock update of 2011! And what an update we have. Read on for news on the first few match ups for FutureShock 49! Set to take place on Sunday 27th February at our long time home of Stockport Guildhall, plus all the dates for FutureShock’s Stockport based events and the return of an amazing opportunity for true Wrestling fans!



FutureShock 49


2010 ended on a real high for FutureShock fans and wrestlers alike, as the stand against the encroaching Authority finally bared fruit. Wrestling purist and true FutureShock Standout Jack Gallagher ended the year as the 2010 Trophy Holder and official Number One Contender to the FutureShock Championship. Whilst 2009 Trophy Holder and true Man of the People Raynaldo stepped up to the plate and finally toppled Alex Shane’s title reign in a year that saw the arrival of Johnny Phere and the return of Stockport’s own Dave Rayne to aid him in his quest.


Now that the championship has returned to “The People” Raynaldo is keen to be a true champion and defend his title as often as possible. With Gallagher set to be officially presented with his Trophy and named Contender on the 27th no challenger has yet been named but FutureShock Management assures Raynaldo and the fans alike that a suitable opponent will be named.





A Match 8 Years in the Making

8 years ago an aspiring young wrestler found himself under the wing of a powerful but questionable mentor. The day Alex Shane took Dave Rayne under his wing was the day Rayne’s true education in the business of Professional Wrestling began. Over that time some powerful lessons have been learnt on both sides but despite a very opposite outlook and attitude towards life the ever popular Dave Rayne has always stayed as faithful as possible to the brotherhood he shares with Shane.

It was Shane that founded FutureShock and then passed the reigns to Rayne, who has steered FutureShock for the last 5 years who has taken the promotion from strength to strength ever since. That was until 2009’s 5th Anniversary Event. Fresh from moving majority control of the company to Business Manager Damien Smith Rayne was set to thank the fans for their continued support and announce his intentions towards FutureShock for the coming years. Until Dave was interrupted by his friend and mentor Alex Shane and Rayne’s fellow “Alex Shane Apprentices” Stixx and Dave Breaks. The trio offered Rayne a cheque for

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*******Breaking News********


In another move that is sure to leave Futureshock Fans and Roster Members doubting the control that FutureShock Management has upon proceedings at the moment a third change has been made to the proposed Main Event for February 27th!

With just one week to go it has now been announced that the Main Event for FutureShock 49! Will be a TRIPLE THREAT contest!


FutureShock Title Match


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A report on the action from ringside:


The action began with 'Dangerous' Damon Leigh taking on the Toxic Terror, Cyanide. Both men have been FutureShock mainstays responsible for some excellent matches and this didn't disappoint as the two went back and forth until Damon finally sealed victory with a flying knee, giving himself a deserved win in the company.


Next up was a vaunted FutureShock 8-Man Tag with 2010's Trophy Tournament winner Jack Gallagher leading a team of Morecambe's XWA rookies against two well-featured teams by way of High & Mighty partnering with Blackpool bad boys, Blond Jovi. An impressive showing from both sides ended when risk-taker Jynkz dived from the top rope to the outside, putting almost the entire opposing team out of action, allowing The Grappler to take Axl Rage to the canvas off the back of a well-placed dropkick from Action Jackson, forcing him to tap with a vicious armbar.


Following this was an appearance from former Feelgood Fan, Sparx. Finally freed from the year-long feud with former mentor, Dirk Feelgood, he took the mic to tell his fans about his new year's resolutions when it came to FutureShock. He promised to be the most exciting, explosive wrestler of this coming year, beginning that with an open challenge to any member of the roster. Unfortunately, before anyone could respond a hard-hatted, hi-vis vest wearing council member, Mike Lovejoy Fitzgerald took to the ring. Mike had been performing a risk assessment of the show and was unimpressed with what he had seen, especially since Sparx has never signed a disclaimer to protect the place for being sued should he be injured. This was unacceptable as even he had to sign a disclaimer just to step into the ring! Upon hearing this, and sick of the interference, Sparx took it upon himself to hit Lovejoy with a thunderous spear much to applause from those in attendance.


With Mike removed from the ring and taken to a place where he could recover, it was time for the first co-main event of the evening featuring a defense of the FutureShock Tag Team Championships. Accompanied to the ring by 'It Girl' Melanie Price, Delicious Danny Hope and Hot Stuff Hayes were looking to keep the belts against boozy local lads Jimmy O'Shea and Danny Boy Evans, known to fans as 101% Proof. Unfortunately, despite being in control of the match for a long period of time, the pair were never quite able to pin either champion, leaving The Models still in control of the belts as the show went to interval.


Coming back, we were treated to the pro-wrestling debut of FutureShock trainee Sean Daniels, going up against The Nordic Warrior, this time without his manager, Alan Tasker. Despite showing a lot of heart, and even managing to rock the monster on occasion, it just wasn't enough and a Crash Landing finished off the debutante, leading to another Nordic Warrior victory.


Up next was the real birth of FutureShock's womens division featuring former trainees Hannah & Holly Blossom up against the team of Charlotte Quinn and The Artiste Formerly Known As Rebecca James, making their FutureShock debut. If this is anything to go by then it's going to be another exciting year for FutureShock as the crowd were wowed by the high-flying antics of the Blossom Twins, proving more than a match for their odd couple opponents. After the match was over, 'It Girl' Melanie Price made an unscheduled appearance hitting a double DDT on Charlotte Quinn with The assisstance of The Artiste. She then went on to talk about how FutureShock was going to be introducing gold for the women over the next year, and how her and her 'bff' Becky were going to ensure that it came to the It Girl.


For many years FutureShock has held an end of year tournament, and 2010 was no different. For any wrestler, one of the biggest achievements possible is becoming one of the rare few to win the tournament and hold the trophy for a year. Last year the honour went to 'Grappler' Jack Gallagher, and as this was the opening show of the year he was introduced for the official trophy presentation. In typical Gallagher fashion he spoke very humbly about what it means to hold the position of number one contender, and the responsibility on his shoulders to represent the company and to continue to prove his ability in the year to come.


As Jack was presented with the trophy, FutureShock champion and resident football star Raynaldo came out through the curtain to size up his future opponent. After an initally wary glance between the two, Ray explained that he wasn't out to steal any glory, but in fact to congratulate Gallagher on his victory and wishing him the best of luck in the future. The two shook hands and the Grappler headed backstage, leading to the main event of the evening, the Triple Threat for the FutureShock Wrestling Championship Title.


With Champion, Raynaldo, already in the ring, hometown hero and former FutureShock owner Dave Rayne was next out, Dave taking a moment to talk about the importance of the match but was quickly interrupted by The Ascension's entrance music. Through the curtain came Greg 'The Truth' Lambert closely followed by Alex's minions, but with a complete lack of Ascension himself. To avert the confusion, Lambert informed the crowd that Alex felt that he did not need to be there in order to control the promotion, but that he had created a short video in lieu of his appearance. The video played and Shane spoke of how the title was only a symbol of POWER, that true POWER was still his in FutureShock and he would prove that tonight, as someone would feel the POWER and do what was right, taking the title for the Authority. As the crowd and Raynaldo looked on in confusion, Dave Rayne had picked up the championship belt, and used it to his advantage, striking Ray in the back of the head with the gold!


The match begun and Ray seemed out of it, barely able to kick out. The former crowd favourite Dave Rayne seemed like a different person as he savagely beat Raynaldo in and out of the ring, trying to cripple the current champion with a back injury that Rayne himself had helped to rehab. In the end, no matter how valiant the fight of Raynaldo, it simply couldn't match the animalistic nature of Dave Rayne, wearing him down with fists and forearms until he could hit a unique Japanese stranglehold faceplant move and keep the defending champion down for the count. The crowd were in shock as Rayne was announced the new FutureShock Champion, not sure how to react to seeing their former hero acting this way. The Authority's Greg Lambert was quick to enter the ring, grabbing the title belt for himself and facing across from Rayne. The audience, desperate to see something of the old Dave, were screaming for him to 'BOSCH' Lambert and the new champion looked truly ready to do so before a smirk appeared on his face and, taking the title, posed with The Authority in the ring as their representative in FutureShock to close out the show.

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