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WAW Academy results


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9th Jan WAWA Show Results

- Ricky opened explaining the new shows (RnW 18+ stuff) and explaining the price increase to tickets as well as the fan-club details (which i'm sure someone will post somewhere).

Scott Fusion/Kiefer/London inc/Marco attacked him, leading to a bunch of guys making the save.


- 6 person Under-23 title elimination match.

Stan vs Alex Young vs Kip Sabin vs Kiefer Knowles vs TJ Daniels vs Mitchell Starr

Won by Alex, who was attacked post match by Scott Fusion.


- Milky O'Hagan vs DKJ

DKJ won after knocking the rope while Milky was going for top rope move (which put Milky groin-first onto top rope).


- Britani Knight and Chuck Cyrus (thanks to Hayley for the name as I'm forgetful) vs Brad Slayer and Liberty

During the match Liberty injured her ankle, Britani mouthed off about no-one being good enough, so Amazon came out and threw her around. Britani got the pin when her partner threw water over Amazon.


- Jet Logan vs Solomon

Solomon looked to have it won, but referee Joe Penny was pushed into the way by Jet, leading to him being knocked out by a charging Solomon. DKJ entered, pulled his partner out and hit a cutter to score the fall (with Penny not noticing the switch).

Post-match Solomon stated he would take on London inc either by himself or with a tag partner, but either way he will beat them.


- Zebra Kid & Zak Zodiac vs Scott Fusion and Marco Marinelli

2/3 falls. "First fall" was double pin by Zebra and Zak after 1min 15 (Think that's what Mr Mann said... A few of us at the back questioned why this did not end the match as it was technically two falls). Second fall came when Zak was hit over the head by a water bottle by Fusion, leading to a pin by Marco (think it was that way round). Later on Zebra looked to have the match won after a Zebra Crossing, but Dave Finch intentionally ignored it. Zebra hit a superkick on Finch, then he and Zak put Finch in a double ankle lock, bringing out Kiefer and London inc, who attacked them both. Most of the locker room then emptied (including a supposedly injured Micky Lynch) to fight them off. Marco was left alone with Team WAW (Ricky, Zebra, Zak and Sam Knee) who each hit their finisher on him.


Referees Dave Finch

Joe Penny

MC Mike Mann


Another good show at the academy in front of a full house with. people being turned away, the reputation is growing.


COURTESY OF www.wawuk.com

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