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Have recently inherited a TV with a VHS player built into it and am looking for some videos to play on it and why not some good old wrasslin!!! PM me if you have any, can send money from a Paypal account if you let me know! Am based in the SE-ish (near Cambridge/Bedford)]


Cheers in advance!

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I've got loads, let me know if you want anything -


-WWF Royal Rumble (24/01/1999) VHS (rumble match incomplete)


-WWF Royal Rumble (20/01/2002) & WWF TV Raw (18/02/2002) VHS


-WWE Royal Rumble (29/01/2006) & WWE TV Raw (30/01/2006) VHS


-WWF WrestleMania XI (02/04/1995) & WCW TV WorldWide (05/10/2000) VHS


-WWF King Of The Ring (28/06/1998) VHS


-WWF King Of The Ring (25/06/2000) VHS (first match missing)


-WWF King Of The Ring (24/06/2001) & InVasion (22/07/2001) VHS


-WWF SummerSlam (30/08/1998) VHS


-WWF Survivor Series (15/11/1998) VHS


-WWF Survivor Series (18/11/2001) & Vengeance (09/12/2001) VHS


-WWE Survivor Series (17/11/2002) & Armageddon (15/12/2002) VHS


-WWE Survivor Series (14/11/2004) VHS


-WWE Survivor Series (27/11/2005) VHS


-WWF In Your House 15 - A Cold Day In Hell (11/05/1997) & WCW TV WorldWide (04/02/2001 & 11/02/2001) VHS


-WWF In Your House 18 - Badd Blood (05/10/1997) VHS


-WWF In Your House 20 - No Way Out (15/02/1998) & WCW TV WorldWide (04/03/2001) VHS


-WWF In Your House 21 - Unforgiven (26/04/1998) & WCW TV WorldWide (11/03/2001) VHS (the first match from Unforgiven which was Shamrock/Faarooq/Blackman .vs. Rock/D-Lo/Henry was missed off. also the broadcast loses its signal just before the HHH/Hart match for a couple of minutes)


-WWF In Your House 22 - Over The Edge (31/05/1998) VHS


-WWF In Your House 23 - Fully Loaded (26/07/1998) & WCW TV WorldWide (18/03/2001) VHS (the opening match of In Your House which was Val Venis .vs. Jeff Jarrett is missing (timer trouble)


-WWF In Your House 24 - Breakdown (27/09/1998) VHS (there are a couple of minutes of signal loss during the Too Much .vs. Snow/Scorpio match)



-WWF In Your House 25 - Judgment Day (18/10/1998) VHS


-WWF In Your House 26 - Rock Bottom (13/12/1998) VHS


-WWF In Your House 27 - St. Valentines Day Massacre (14/02/1999) VHS


-WWF Backlash (25/04/1999) VHS (there is a little signal loss here and there which was due to a glitch with the ppv feed but it

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