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WrestleZone @ The Cloverleaf Hotel, Aberdeen 28.01.11


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WrestleZone returns to The Cloverleaf Hotel, Aberdeen on Friday 28th January for its first show of 2011 with what promises to be another fantastic night of wrestling action.




Shawn Johnston vs. Andy Wild

Andy Wild makes his first appearance in WrestleZone since last summer. He was defeated in that instance by J Hazard, so will be eager to reverse his fortunes.


In his path is the latest rookie to emerge into the WrestleZone, Shawn Johnston. Can the newcomer make a big start to his WrestleZone career or will the wily Andy Wild emerge victorious?


Blue Thunder vs. Johnny Lions

Johnny Lions has vowed to start 2011 with an impressive performance and victory. Being on the losing end for a lot of last year has really got into the head of the braggadocios Fifer and he is determined to make sure that 2011 is the year of the Tenacious One.


Blue Thunder however will be looking to notch up a big win for himself and make sure that Lions year doesn't go off with a bang.


Jason Rotanda vs. Crusher Craib

The whole of WrestleZone is talking about this one. One month ago Crusher Craib finally got the resolution to his long running feud with J Hazard, pinning him at Christmas Chaos however his night proved to be anything but joyous as he ended up in a heated battle with Jason Rotanda later on during the battle royal.


Such was the aggression from both men that they eliminated each other from the match, continuing to brawl to the back where they had to be separated by security!


The Brawler from the Broch demanded a match with Craib who was only too happy to accept, and these two giants of the WrestleZone are now destined to collide at the Cloverleaf!



Los Cystos & Davey Annan vs. Sterling Oil & Benjamin Steele

Sterling Oil have been very vocal about their displeasure in losing the tag team titles to "the couple of orange freaks" as they put it. Los Cystos have now beaten the silver-spoon siblings twice, and even though manager Richard R. Russell has tried to plead, litigate, bribe and threaten WrestleZone management for another title shot they have been told that they need to join the back of the queue once again.


What the management did allow was a chance for Oil to get a measure of revenge but in a six-man match. Oil were told to go and find themselves a partner who was not Mr. Malice, and they feel they have found the ideal choice in young up and comer (if he does say so himself) Benjamin Steele.


Not to be outdone, Los Cystos have recruited the highly agile Davey Annan to help them out. Can Sterling Oil put themselves back into the title picture or will Los Cystos and Annan see them off once again?


Bryan Tucker vs. James Midas

In a rematch from Christmas Chaos, Bryan Tucker takes on James Midas. Midas was the victor last time, using the injured arm of Tucker to his advantage by forcing Tucker submit to a wrenching armbar. Tucker is not a man to make excuses and he has asked for a rematch, confident that his elusive first win is just around the corner.


Midas was quick to accept, stating that he had "beaten Tucker once, and didn't even break a sweat. It'll be just as easy to do it again!". Can Bryan Tucker's heart and determination get him his hand raised at the end of the match, or will he come up excruciatingly short again?


No-Limits title match - Scotty Swift vs. Damien

This is an interesting one. Damien, having won WrestleZone's premier title, the Heavyweight Championship, should be on top of the world. He defended successfully against Jason Rotanda at Christmas Chaos and was given the chance to pick his opponent for our show in the Cloverleaf. Nobody expected his decision, as he has challenged Scotty Swift for his No-Limit title!


Damien is still obsessed with the fact that he didn't beat Swift on numerous occasions last year prior to lifting the heavyweight title, even though he himself has gone onto become the heavyweight title! So pre-occupied is Damien with this blood rivalry that he allowed Swift to make one extra stipulation prior to accepting. If Swift beats him and retains the No-Limit title, then he will get a rematch, however this time it would be for Damien's Heavyweight Title!


Doors open at 7pm with the first bell at 7:30pm sharp. Entry costs

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A limited amount of tickets are still available for this show which takes place THIS coming Friday.


Anyone in the Aberdeen area planning to attend this show - please arrive early to avoid disappointment. :thumbsup:

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Taken from www.wrestlezonescotland.co.uk



28th January 2011 - Cloverleaf Hotel, Aberdeen


WrestleZone Live! At the Cloverleaf January 28th, 2011. WrestleZone got 2011 off to a spectacular start last Friday night, as an enthusiastic crowd witnessed another wrestling classic at the Cloverleaf Hotel. In a news-packed show, the main talking point was the main event match between two old foes, Damien and Scotty Swift, during which the 'Red-Haired Warrior's' No Limits Championship was on the line. Could Scotty triumph against the 'Enigmatic Icon' or would Damien and his Sterling Oil cronies be toasting success in the New Year!? To find out all about our first show of 2011, keep reading below;


Shawn Johnson vs. Andy Wild

It was a case of New Year, New Beginnings for both these grapplers as Johnson made his debut in the WrestleZone, while Wild returned after an 18-month absence. Both men would look to grab the headlines from this opening bout. As it turned out, Englishman Wild is pretty sure of himself as a performer, and he tried to make short work of the latest graduate from the WrestleZone Training Academy. But Shawn's hard work to reach the squared circle has allowed him to build up his own unique style that served him well in this one.


Although Wild was surely the favourite going into this one, it was Johnson who took all the plaudits after an excellent display against the 'Unstoppable' one. After failing to hook on the Wildest Driver, Johnson was able to get the decisive pinfall after hitting Wild with a Double Footstomp from the top rope! This truly was a dream debut for Johnson, and after causing the upset in this one, hopes are high that the newest addition to the WrestleZone roster will make a name for himself in 2011. While for the experienced Wild, this was not the return he had hoped for!


Blue Thunder vs. 'Tenacious' Johnny Lions

Thunder had hoped that 2011 could be the year for him to standout in the WrestleZone, but Lions is a man on a mission and if truth be told, he was dominant in this one.


Despite a late rally from the masked superstar, the experience of Lions was enough to see him through after hitting the BLE (for those that don't know, that is Biggest

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