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  1. I think Till's main problem is that he doesn't seem to be too good at adapting mid-fight. If his game plan is working for him then he's great at being disciplined and sticking to it (e.g. Thompson & Gastelum) but if his opponent manages to work him out during the fight he doesn't really do anything to adjust and keeps going for the same thing (e.g Masvidal & Whittaker). He'll be dangerous early on against almost anyone but will often struggle against the very top guys the longer the fight goes on. All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed that card. I don't think there was a particularly bad fight on the whole show and even the people I usually don't really have much interest in had decent fights. If anyone hasn't seen the prelims, the first round of Evloev vs Grundy is well worth watching. It stopped being competitive during the second round but the first had some excellent grappling exchanges. Yeah, me too. I think what made it worse is that Dean did the same thing in an earlier fight where he let another take some unnecessary shots after they were clearly done.
  2. Coincidentally, I read a article on The Athletic yesterday along the same lines about TJ Grant. He was scheduled to fight Benson Henderson for the lightweight championship but had to retire due to concussion issues. https://theathletic.com/1749445/2020/04/15/whatever-happened-to-ufc-contender-tj-grant/ (article is free) This thread has made me look into people I haven't thought about in years. Did you know that Travis Fulton was still fighting as recently as last year? His record is now 255-54 and he beat Shannon Rich (record 58-88) last April.
  3. The high point (or low point depending on how you look at it) of the prelims for me was the third round of Santos vs Bogatov where Bogatov had two points deducted for two low blows and an illegal knee to the head. An amazing bit of shithousery that had Marc Goddard repeatedly asking him "What are you doing?" while Santos lay crumpled on the mat.
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