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  1. I really enjoyed that, a fantastic main event and not a bad fight on the whole card. Greene vs Villante was probably the worst of the lot and even that had the novelty of someone getting submitted by a move that doesn't really exist. I'm torn on this. I really liked that Poirier vs Hooker contained every aspect of MMA whereas Zhang vs Jedrzejczyk was pretty much entirely striking but on the other hand I don't recall either of Zhang or Jedrzejczyk tiring and fading the way Hooker did in the 5th round so it may have been slightly more competitive throughout the entire fight.
  2. Another great write up, thanks. I had to re-watch it after reading this though as it turns out my memory of the fight was completely wrong. I'd remembered it as Nogueira completely dominating and finishing Couture in the 2nd after hitting that sweep. At least I'd remembered the sweep correctly. Beautiful and effortless, though I'm still 100% sure how he did it even after watching that gif a dozen times.
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