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  1. Thanks. Useful to know (if somewhat disheartening).
  2. 140ft 2 companies quoted that figure on Saturday, but will get more quotes. Apparently it's because they have to dig out all existing concrete posts. And since I'm on a corner and the fence is roadside, I need a sturdy 6ft fence panel and not the flimsy ones I'd use on other sides.
  3. Total cost to me of the bad weather is £3500. £500 to replace the greenhouse destroyed in storm Ciara (pretty much because it was the cheapest of cheap with plastic windows). £3000 to replace the whole garden fence down one side of the garden - obliterated in places by Storm Dennis, whilst crumbling concrete posts make the rest look like they are ready to topple too.
  4. I'd like them to keep the belt on Jericho for longer. A short term programme with Dustin Rhodes would be awesome, but ultimately it's Kenny Omega who I want to be the one to take the belt from him, which I hope is at Double or Nothing in a rematch from last year. That said, my gut tells me Moxley wins at Revolution and Omega stays out of the title picture by starting a fued with Hangman that will take them up to DoN.
  5. The Good Psychopath's Guide to Success - Andy McNab Mid way through this one. Recommended by a colleague.
  6. Next Friday I reach my 18 year anniversary as a member of this version of the forum.....and this is my first award win! So proud! I'll wear this badge with pride!
  7. I thought the last 2 shows have been PPV worthy. Just superb. But then you'd expect me to say that. I know a lot of my AEW fan boy grand statements I made from the moment the promotion was announced rubbed a lot of people up the wrong way, and I'll wear my dolt of the year award with pride - but I think I'm being proved right! Renewed for 3 more years, likely to be profitable this year and most importantly awarded 'show of the year' in the UKFF awards.......AEW is exactly what wrestling needed. I just wish they could start turning their success into increased raings and push above the million mark. AEW is great right now, New Japan is good, ROH is finding its feet again & apparently Impact is too (but I just don't have time to watch another weekly 2 hour show) - there is an abundance of really good content out there right now for wrestling fans who are turned off by WWE.
  8. The TV guide on a Saturday is outstanding........but point made. I take no interest in celebrity culture and reality TV so wouldn't have a clue what they write about in gossip columns.
  9. Agree. The behaviour of the red tops continues to be horrendous. Problem is, we have a sizeable population who want to read this drivel and create a market for it. Its very hypocritical for the same people who clamour for these stories and this kind of "news" to then criticise the media feeding their demand. What does bother me, is that I think the public reaction today would be different if gender roles were reversed. 1 in 3 domestic abuse victims are men and I believe there remains a real stigma regarding gender roles in this regard. I also don't agree with the sentiment that it was a travesty that a case of domestic abuse was going to trial. Cases like this should go to trial, but its unacceptable that the press are allowed by law to report on suspects until they are convicted of a crime - it's tragic that the situation unravelled to a point it did before she'd been convicted of any crime.
  10. Got my Double or Nothing II tickets in the pre-sale
  11. Correct. Just under your name at the top and should include phone number, email address, postal address and LinkedIn profile (if you have one). I'd strongly recommend using a sensible email address.
  12. Thanks for tagging me @Keith Houchen. Hi @ReturnOfTheMack - there really is no 'ideal' CV, but as someone who reviews multiple CVs a week, let me give you some advice: 1. Use Calibri or Arial and keep it to 2 pages - unless you're going for an executive role, in which case I wouldn't limit it to 2 2. No photo - whilst we all expect it on Linkedin, its still frowned upon to put a picture on a CV (although common amongst Eastern Europeans) 3. Section 1 - your 'professional profile' - a paragraph about yourself and the type of role you are looking for. In addition to the paragraph, I recommend adding some bullet points to highlight some key skills you have. The goal here is to grab the readers attention. You may want to customise this section for each role you apply for. 4. Section 2 - your 'career history' - working back from most recent, list every role, company and dates in role. For each one, I'd provide a sentence or 2 explaining the role, and then follow up with bullet points detailing respinsibilities and achievements. My personal preference is to split out these bullets into 2 separate lists - first 'Key Achievements" and then 'Key Responsibilities'. Then move on to the next role. If there is more than a 3 monh gap between any role, explain the gap. Equally, if you've job hopped and stayed in roles for a short period, explain that too as a recruiter will not look kindly on this. If you've held loads of roles, I wouldn't go into detail on really old ones that have no bearing on the role you are applying for. For example, on my CV I provide the above breakdown for my last 5 jobs, but for jobs before then I simply state the company and dates in role in bullet point form. 5. Section 3 - is 'education' - bullet point your qualifications. 6. Section 4 - title this 'personal details' and consider including nationality, drivers licence held (if suitable), hobbies / interests 7. Final line - state 'References available upon request' Finally, a point on whether to write in first-person or third-person.....often debated and whilst there is no right or wrong answer, I recommend the absent first-person approach and removing all pronouns. This is explained at this link: https://www.topcv.co.uk/career-advice/should-i-write-my-cv-in-third-person
  13. I think MJF wins at Revolution because Arn turns on Cody......I just see no logic to having Arn there otherwise, unless its to screw Cody - the top baby face in the company doesn't need a coach! Particularly one who gets ejected in matches for touching the ref (I can't recall seeing that from a face manager role). Arn would be far more valuable if attached to a young talent and MJF fits the bill. MJF with Arn then goes on to win the title as @Louch suggests.
  14. Correct. If you but the VIP annual subscription, all PPVs are included.
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