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UKFF Feud of the year


UKFF Feud of the year  

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Nominations were as follows

kayfabes monkey vs. AJ 6Moj & sephjnr vs. Whizzkid 8The Forum vs. Unionjack 2Barondeath/Chris Lee/forum vs. Hulkamaniafan 8UKFF vs. TalksportBagga/Tazz/Kash Vs UKFF Big Brothers Feud 2Moj v Stu Rodgers 2The People vs. MackemMan 2Bagga vs JazzJon Farrer vs. Everyone AJ v. Ducky 3Moorish v Scott Conway aka Grappling Girl 2Moj Vs everything in the UK that isnt FWAMOJ -vs- SYMBOL OF EXCELLENCE

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